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Unless you’re a Mets fan, opening day represents that wonderful point in the season when hope still abounds. No matter how horribly your team falls apart in August, and they always do, you can enjoy late March and early April because the promise of a successful season hasn’t fallen off the rails, landed in a wayside and splattered in the defecation of all the other teams that are much better than the one you support.

No matter the┬ácircumstances, there’s still hope. Take my Toronto Blue Jays. No, seriously take them. Heyo! Seriously though, in a chat yesterday on this very site a Jays fan was trying to explain the circumstances that could lead Toronto to a 90 win season. 90 wins!

That’s an absurd number that, quite frankly, isn’t going to happen, but far be it from me to ruin that particular fan’s dreams. The Blue Jays will do a good enough job of that by July.

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