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Baseball: Japan at San Francisco Giants

Masahiro Tanaka‘s negotiating window is nearly closed. The new posting system allows Tanaka to sign with any team, not just the daring club that ponied up the most money for a bid.

Tanaka and his agent Casey Close recently met with a handful of big league clubs, shaking hands and listening to impassioned speeches regarding the future of Club X. There are the obvious favorites yet nobody really knows where he’ll go. Except me.

Using the powers of deduction, both journalism and Journalism, savvy, mathematics, and no small amount of telepathy, I know where Tanaka signs. Or he is most likely to sign.

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MLB: Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees

Baseball as we know it is changing. More and more pitchers pump their fastballs into the upper 90s. Guys who can touch 100 mph aren’t the exception in big league bullpens – they’re quickly becoming the norm.

The move towards power arms isn’t reserved for pitchers alone. More and more defensive players assert their dominance on the game via their arms. Fans love it and base runners know it. Whether a seed from the outfield to nail a runner at home plate, a rocket from deep in the hole to nip a runner by a step or precision strike from behind the plate, a perfect throw can be a game-changer.

With triples on the wane across baseball, the play at the plate stands as the game’s most exciting moment. And who can we count on to deliver these throws with regularity? The nine guys listed below are a great place to start – baseball’s best arms.

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My favorite thing to create for theScore is the My Approach series – which is odd, since I have an interview still waiting to be transcribed! Mostly, it offers an opportunity for me to learn – learn about the players and learn about the game at its highest level.

There were plenty of insights gleaned from the subjects of My Approach. Preparation varies from player to player as some spend long hours in the video room while others trust their swing and their ability. It’s a part of the great dichotomy that makes baseball great.

Enjoy some of my favorite quotes and moments from the 2013 season, with links to all interviews at the bottom of the post. Thanks for supporting theScore in 2013 and have a happy New Year!

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MLB: ALCS-Detroit Tigers at Boston Red Sox

2013 was a great year for baseball. The Wild Card races came down to the wire (and beyond, in the AL’s case) and great player performance lurked around every corner. From the World Baseball Classic through to the final pitch of the World Series, baseball fans were treated to a memorable season in every way. An incredibly active and lucrative hot stove season kept fans glued to twitter as every day this winter seems to feature another big trade or contract.

Stars like Clayton Kershaw and Miguel Cabrera showed fans how they got to be legends in their own time but it wasn’t just established superstars who dominated that headlines in 2013. Check out theScore’s nine biggest breakout performers of 2013 below, as trends exploded into the public conscience and bit players turned to superstars right before our eyes. Happy holidays and enjoy!

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout is something of a big deal around the baseball world. We here at theScore think he’s pretty great, mostly because he is pretty great at playing baseball. Scratch that: Mike Trout is actually, tangibly, appreciably great at baseball. As in historically great, one for the ages.

There are many things that make Mike Trout both great and noteworthy – not the least of which all he’s accomplished before the tender age of 22. In honor of Mike Trout’s 22nd birthday today, here are 22 things – facts, stats, and highlights – about Mike Trout. Enjoy!

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Cleveland Indians v Baltimore Orioles

The second half, finally, commences tonight. After some due rest and relaxation, all 30 teams resume their 2013 campaigns tonight. With bodies rested and minds refreshed, the dawning of the second half is not like Opening Day. For many teams, the season is essentially over; the pursuit of division titles and post-season glory a long-dead dream.

But there is still much to play for this season, between the playoff chases and ongoing pursuit of records and the like, here are some things to watch for/enjoy/anticipate during the second half of the 2013 baseball season.

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As you may know, Getting Blanked’s inforgraphic specialist Craig Robinson is rare breed indeed: a baseball-loving Brit currently living in Mexico City. Craig returned to his homeland recently and happened upon another rare sight: live baseball in London. Enjoy Craig’s report on British baseball!

Finsbury Park is in the north London borough of Haringey. At ten o’clock on a Sunday morning, people are doing what most people in parks around the world are probably doing at that time of the day on a Sunday: jogging, walking the dog, cycling. In the northeast corner of the park, though, there’s a cricket pitch. A cricket pitch with that is no longer used for cricket. A cricket pitch has been converted into that least British of things: a baseball field.

I was there because there was a National Baseball League doubleheader taking place. Essex Arrows (7-9) vs. London Mets (11-3). The National Baseball League is, as the name kind of suggests, the top level of British baseball. It’s a nine-team league at the top of a four-tier system with a total of 58 senior teams. (Favourite team name: the Bolton Robots of Doom.)

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