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Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals

In the ongoing saga of MLB players and the Miami New Times report on PEDs, Gio Gonzalez has stood his ground. The Washington Nationals left-hander was quick to issue a statement condemning the report’s inclusion of his name, despite what any Biogenesis ledger said.

Gonzalez, it has been purported, was not directly linked to any substances that appear on MLB’s banned list. According to a report from the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore, Gonzalez is claiming to have been tested just two days after the release of the Miami New Times’ report. Predictably, Gonzalez reports a pass in his January 31st test.

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…and here we go. The spin begins, with the opening salvo coming from Washington Nationals starter Gio Gonzalez. Gio, and his father, are mentioned in the Miami New Town report on Biogenesis distributing drugs to baseball players big and small. Though it appeared none of the products given to Gio are actually banned, the third place finisher in NL Cy Young voter is getting his version of the story out post haste.

Gio took to his personal twitter account in addition to issuing a statement to the Washington Times, declaring his total innocence: Read the rest of this entry »

Call me crazy, but it looks like Edwin Jackson to the Cubs is all but a done deal? After making some tidy little value pick ups, the Baby Bears look like they’ve made a bigger splash on the free agent market.

Obviously nothing official yet but a Cubs rotation with Garza-Samardzija-Jackson-Feldman-Villanueva looks pretty good for a 90-loss team. In fact, it looks like the kind of rotation that would prevent just about any team from losing 95 games.

Matt Garza might just be on the move by the time the trade deadline rolls around. We’ll wait on more official confirmations but let’s go with good work, Jed.

Related: Gio Gonzalez is kind of awesome. Edwin Jackson? Durable starter with underwhelming rate stats and just about everything else. Certainly worth this type of contract. Good deal all around.


Gio Gonzalez spent most of this season proving those who doubted his ability to justify a king’s ransom in prospects quite wrong. The 4 fWAR he has to his name this season (2.5 WAR) can attest to his newfound ability to throw strikes and pitch deep into games.

It seems that isn’t the only skill Gio picked up over the winter. Not only is he preventing home runs like never before, he can now hit them, apparently. Get that front foot down and get the head out, son!