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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Texas Rangers

Despite what some of the soulless ghouls known to inhabit the press box will tell you, “it’s still early” is a false flag. It is never too early to worry. It is never too early to read the writing on the wall.

After just one game, it isn’t too difficult to see the problems that will rear their ugly head for the rest of the season.

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MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox

Just a few days ago, a long ode to the Red Sox process appeared in this space. The Red Sox, the glorious bastards they are, matched results with process in a way few other teams can duplicate. Young and cheap players standing shoulder-to-shoulder with high-priced talent. Spoiled for choice, such that they can watch not one but two good shortstops walk out the door because they have reinforcements on the way – arguably more talented reinforcements.

Those few days ago, Grady Sizemore appeared to be an insurance policy for Jackie Bradley Jr. A nice luxury to have in case Bradley struggles (as young players do) or, by the grace of Koji, Grady Sizemore does the impossible. Well, it appears “impossible” was something of an overstatement.

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The Cleveland Indians, who were once thought to be a contender in the American League Central after another good start to the season, announced that outfielder Grady Sizemore will not return this season.Sizemore, who signed a one-year deal this off season worth $5 million, was trying to make a return this year after undergoing a micro discectomy procedure on his lower back in early March. He was expected to miss eight to twelve weeks, but was forced to stop his rehab after experiencing different aches and pains.

Over the past two years, the Indians outfielder has had surgery on both knees, his abdomen and back. His recent quote about his body pretty much sums up how he feels on an everyday basis.

I’m not physically able to play. There’s never a day when I’m not sore. Every day there is some kind of pain. It’s hard to know what normal feels like, I’ve had so many issues.

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