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The Hall of Fame still matters. It matters to the players and it matters enough to create an inordinate amount of chatter during the slowest time of the baseball year.

Last year was the darkest days of the darkest time in Hall history. No players elected, acrimony between writers, fans, and those caught in between. The lack of a no-doubt “first ballot” guy (free of PED baggage, that is) made it easier to split the vote and splintered the electorate as well.

If there is one thing all baseball fans can agree on, it is Greg Maddux. Even the most ardent skeptics cannot deny Maddux’s place in baseball’s shrine.

With Maddux goes his teammate Tom Glavine, an uncommonly durable and gifted pitcher who may have earned a some “Maddux shine” from pitching beside his brilliant teammate for so long but, at the end of the day, belongs in Cooperstown all the same.

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The reason I think I’m a good pitcher is I locate my fastball and I change speeds. Period. That’s what you do to pitch. Greg Maddux

Any time you talk about the importance of fastball velocity, the name Greg Maddux eventually comes up. Yes, there was this pitcher once that was dominant without lighting up the guns. He even had a teammate that is headed to the hall without four-seam gas. But just because Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux exist doesn’t mean you don’t want to start with velocity and then move on to the rest of the package. After all, we’ve linked many times to Mike Fast’s research that showed that four more miles in fastball velocity means allowing one less run per nine innings.

But Greg Maddux does mean something. He means that location and movement are still part of the parcel that makes the most common pitch in baseball effective. Can we figure out the hierarchy beyond velocity?

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