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When the regional television broadcaster for Toronto Blue Jays games hired Gregg Zaun to be a talking head on the pre and post game shows, he offered a breath of fresh air to a fan base that previously tolerated a rather amateurish approach to presenting baseball on television. His insights into blocking pitches, pitch grips and base running were informative and his “no-nonsense” approach was entertaining and seemingly genuine.

At some point over the last two seasons, it’s safe to assume that Mr. Zaun was introduced to Don Cherry, the boisterous and xenophobic host of Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night In Canada, and a treasured voice to Rick-bags from across this nation of hosers. What was once informative and insightful has devolved into outlandish, as the charm of “no-nonsense” perspectives turned into the awkwardness of clichéd drivel spouted loudly without shame.

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