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The Giants have a two-game lead in the World Series because they been blessed by a leprechaun having a love affair with a unicorn. Any other analysis beyond that is circumstantial at best.

“But why are the Tigers losing?” asks a Tigers fan who started watching baseball last week. Obviously that’s because randomness and clutchiness of a short series is amplified; pitchers make mistakes and hitters miss pitches. If you’ve watched 162 games, you’d understand that. Don’t worry about what you can’t control. Jim Leyland knows this.

What he can control, however, is the handling of players in serious situations. Which brings us to the Gregor Blanco line drive that went off Doug Fister’s noggin and into the outfield in the second inning. It became a scary moment for me once I saw the replay and realized that, no, it didn’t wick off his glove or shoulder, but rather the top of his head.

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