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Heath Bell fielding a ninth inning bunt off the bat of Will Venable went about as well as you could expect for someone with Heath Bell’s physique. The Diamondbacks beat the Padres 5-2, and Bell picked up his seventh save of the season. I’d like to say I appreciate his effort on this play, but I really just love watching portly men belly flop.

In case you haven’t been following the soap operaesque drama coming out of Miami, here’s a quick recap:

Heath Bell on a radio station: “Ozzie Guillen is a jerk.”

One day passes …

Ozzie Guillen on a radio station: “No, Heath Bell is a jerk.”

Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse …

Greg Dobbs (to reporters): “Please exit.”

It was assumed that Dobbs asking reporters to leave the players alone (while they listened to Guillen’s response to Bell’s statement that it was hard to respect his manager) was as good a sign as any that Guillen had “lost the clubhouse.” However, intrepid Marlins beat reporter Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald informs us of a rather unexpected twist to the continuing saga.

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Travis blames Cito, Heath blames Ozzie, nobody blames Cutch and the Tigers blame Dunn. Another uplifting episode of the Getting Blanked show, kicking ugly flavours in your ear four times a week.

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