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It’s all in good humor until you remember…oh right: Hunter Pence.

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There was some chatter earlier this off-season that the San Francisco Giants might — MIGHT — non-tender Hunter Pence. As a super two with plenty of counting stats compiled over his career, coming off a very hollow 100 RBI season, Pence stood to earn a huge raise. The Giants opted to stick with their soon-to-be-even-more wealthy right fielder.

Matt Schwartz projected Pence would earn $13.8 million in his final trip through the arbitration process…which is exactly what he got. The Giants are on the hook for nearly $14 million for Pence in 2013. That’s a lot of money.

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This is a picture (courtesy of Houston Astros radio man Dave Raymond) of the Space Shuttle Endeavour being escorted over Minute Maid Park, presumably commissioned by Major League Baseball to find the home run ball that Hunter Pence hit and has yet to land, despite originally being sent into space at the end of August.

It was last seen heading in this direction:

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Via Alex Pavlovic of Giants Extra, it’s the only known existence of a GIF featuring Hunter Pence in which he isn’t the main attraction. That honor belongs to San Francisco Giants reliever Clay Hensley whose limbo technique under an imaginary pole at Minute Maid Park last night was nothing short of inspiring. He just makes it look so easy, you guys.

There’s more from the MLB Network interview over at McCovey Chronicles.

You can’t spell TGIF without GIF. Now excuse me while I go punch myself repeatedly in the dick for dropping a TGIF. It is GIF day here at Getting Blanked, and we lead this instalment with a single pitch that serves as a fairly accurate representation of Barry Zito’s career.

Due to increasing feedback from readers on some troubles their browsers have had loading 12 GIFs at a time, we’ll be making an effort to keep the number of images below ten. The exception stays in the picture, though. Giddy up!

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The Philadelphia Phillies decision to go ahead with their Hunter Pence Bobblehead giveaway was curious to say the least. After trading the outfielder to the San Francisco Giants on the non-waiver July 31st deadline, the team was left with a tough decision on whether or not to give out the figurine to the 44,000 in attendance.

After consulting with the sponsor, Liberty Mutual, and Pence himself, who had no problems with the decision, the Phillies went ahead with the promotion.¬†What the fans didn’t know, is that is also came with a personal letter from the man himself, Hunter Pence.

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When the Giants acquired Hunter Pence at the trade deadline, much fun was had with his appearance. While obviously a virile young professional athlete, there is something vaguely bug-like about Pence. Giants fans, as is their wont, flooded a chat with GM Brian Sabean with jokes about their new right fielder.

Cheap as these jokes may be, when Hunter Pence looks like…Hunter Pence looks, the jokes pretty much write themselves. Behold Pence’s tribute to the great field of entomology in full facial form. You can’t tell me Pence doesn’t extend his tongue as an auxiliary sensory device to aid his pursuit of the baseball. I won’t believe you for a second.

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