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It was a big week for me: vacation on Cape Cod, my first trip to Fenway Park, having my car’s malfunctioning engine fan hot-wired by helpful small town folks in a Tim Horton’s parking lot at midnight, running over a skunk. Bobby V even threw a pointless and grandstanding tantrum in honor of my presence.

But back to brass tacks, or Parkes is going to have me flogged. I have been doing my simple catcher defense ratings on a roughly monthly basis, but with less than two months to go, I am actually not going to do a September edition. Instead, in order to avoid redundancy, I will do a final version some time after the regular season is done. So this will have to hold you over in the meantime. There have actually been some big changes at the top since I last updated these ratings, so I suppose there are some possibilities for down-to-the-wire excitement.

Feel the rush!

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