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MLB: Washington Nationals at Miami Marlins

2013 has been nothing but a disappointment for the Washington Nationals. After all the bluster and hype, the team expected to dominate the National League saw their season end almost before it even began. Injuries, underperformance and regular old bad luck stopped the Nats in their tracks. In a move reeking of desperation, they fired their hitting coach at the end of July. The barn door closed just as the last of the horses disappeared from view.

Except that the Nationals are not dead yet. The second wildcard gives them new life and a glimmer of hope. A glimmer that would have been snuffed out long ago were it not for Jayson Werth.

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Washington Nationals Photo Day

The start of the season is a special time, statistically. The fresh canvas yet unspoiled by slumps and significant sample sizes makes for beautiful art, where one good day at the dish can turn an ugly start into business as usual. Hot Aprils live much longer in the memory than any other time of year. April’s edition of Arbitrary Endpoint Theatre is Shakespeare when compared to the Byzantine off-off-off-off-Broadway performance of a May 3-June 2 hot run.

No player wants to be the last on the club to collect a hit. No player wants their slash line to start .000. Currently five players are on the hitless schneid, provided 10 plate appearances. In a stunning bit of journalism, I predict at least four of them to get a hit at some point during the remainder of the season. But don’t quote me.

The woes of the hitless are well known and routinely documented. But what about the other side, those who can hit but cannot walk? Can we spare a feeling for those who sport an on base percentage identical to their batting average? Getting Blanked would like you to meet the Rascal Scooters – the players unable to walk.

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As a single man without any legitimate children that I’m aware of I don’t have to deal with any of the problems that arise when it comes to raising a brood. Thus far I’ve managed to get by just doing Uncle things, which mainly involves contracting my nieces and nephews to get me things like beer and candy from the other room while I’m laying on the couch watching sports. Even without any parenting experience of my own, I think we can all take a minute to sit back and enjoy the entry into the pantheon of parenting.

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When the Washington Nationals signed Jayson Werth to a seven-year, $126 million contract at the end of 2010, the baseball world wasn’t shy with voicing its opinion.

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick described the reaction like this:

The Washington Nationals [are] christening Major League Baseball’s winter meetings with a contract that much of the industry views as extravagant.

The deal blew the minds of executives arriving for baseball’s annual winter meetings.

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