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Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

This is some next-level nerdery, probably. Because we’ve had catcher framing pieces. And we’ve had Edge% in these pages before. BUT HAVE WE PUT THEM TOGETHER YET???

On the other hand, I don’t have the skills of most of your research-level nerds. I only play one on the internets. So you’ll probably be able to follow along.

I saw Jeff Sullivan update his team framing pieces. And then he looked at all the pitchers that were getting extra strikes this year. And then I saw Bill Petti talk about which pitches are good for getting extra strikes on the edge. And then my brain farted.

Could we look at team framing rates and compare them to individual starting pitcher framing rates, and then use Edge% (and perhaps pitching mix) to identify pitchers that might be in line for more strikes going forward? I don’t know if we can, but let’s try.

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers

Well this just isn’t good news for the Angels. Already running with a very thin starting rotation, it looks as though the Angels will be without their ace for some time. Ken Rosenthal reports Weaver is out for close to a month with a broken left elbow. The lanky righty injured his arm pitching against the Rangers on the weekend after a line drive back through the box forced an awkward fall.

With Weaver out, the Angels turn to…I dunno, honestly. They called up Dane De La Rosa from Triple-A but will he start? The rest of the LAA depth chart is a little grim. Jerome Williams? Garrett Richards? Roy Oswalt, pick up that phone! Things aren’t so bad for the Angels but, as mentioned in today’s Battle of LA, digging out of deep hole doomed the Angels in 2012. Without their ace, it looks a lot like they will be in the same situation again in 2013.

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Jered Weaver surrendered a home run to Lance Berkman in the first inning tonight. A curving cookie up in the zone was lifted over the wall in right field at Rangers Park in Arlington. Weaver’s waving flow and accompanying look of disbelief totally say, “hey man, the wind is blowing”. The booth is calling it ‘that jet stream’.

The Rangers put three on the board in the first on batted balls floating out from Berkman and David Murphy.

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Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

We’ve done pop-ups here before, but let’s really do them this time, right? I mean, let’s get it right this time at least. Because last time I was writing about IFFB%, which I thought was infield fly ball percentage. Turns out that’s infield flies divided by fly balls. That’s a little strange.

Steve Staude on FanGraphs is a proponent of infield fly balls divided by balls in play. Freed from the shackles of fly balls, we can get a sense of the pop up as a sustainable skill — IFFB% only has a .37 year-to-year correlation, but pop up percentage (PU%) is better, around .63. That’s better than the year-to-year correlation on home runs (.41)! We have a stat — FIP — that treats home runs as a skill that’s wholely under the control of the pitcher, and yet infield pop-ups are better correlated season to season.

Staude’s excellent initial work on the subject is not incredibly fantasy-relevant, but it does go some distance towards explaining park effects better. Look at the parks that showed a PU% that was more than .5% higher than IFFB% — Anaheim, Wrigley, Citi, Tampa, Detroit — and you get a list of the ‘secret’ pitcher’s parks. Of course, Milwaukee, Detroit and Yankee Stadium are on that list, too.

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The Los Angeles Angels, 3.5 games out of a Wild Card position in the American League, may be without Jered Weaver longer than expected.

Weaver was hit by a come-backer during Sunday’s start against the Mariners, but stayed in the game after being examined by trainers. The Angels later revealed that Weaver suffered bruised right shoulder on the play with manager Mike Scioscia adding that the team would be in a wait-and-see mode concerning his next start. That next start has now been pushed back to next week, and with a trip to Dr. Lewis Yocum now in the cards, could Weaver be in jeopardy of missing more than just the one start?

On the season, Weaver has a 2.86 ERA, 3.75 FIP and 2.8 fWAR in 25 starts. He recorded baseball’s second no-hitter of the season back on May 2nd, when he blanked the Twins.

Jered Weaver is an excellent pitcher putting together a terrific season. He is also a fierce competitor who seems to take failure quite personally, even when failure is giving up a single run on the night via a solo shot to your former battery mate.

You’d assume that but, then again, you don’t get Jered Weaver.

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