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Toronto Blue Jays All-Star right fielder Jose Bautista, who is still out of the lineup with a wrist injury, found time in his busy schedule to promote the latest addition to the Reebox Realflex footwear line.

Questions swirled around Jose Bautista ahead of the 2011 season. How would he follow his amazing 2010 season? Would the pressure of a new contract affect him? Would losing the invaluable protection of Vernon Wells hurt his production? Without Cito Gaston, how was Jose expected to go on?

Jose Bautista answered all these questions and more by following his historic 2010 with another incredible season. Very little doubt how remains – Jose Bautista is one of the very best hitters in baseball. He hits for power and exhibits a terrific eye at the plate.

With these facts now taken as 1100 at bat gospel, what does it mean for Bautista in the future? What kind of career arc can we expect from this right-handed slugger? I can think of one excellent comparison – Gary Sheffield.

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