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Miami Marlins v Colorado Rockies

The Rookie of the Year award can occasionally be an exercise in searching out, rather than celebrating, a worthy candidate. The list of former winners is littered with one-offs and flame-outs among future Hall of Famers.

Between Wil Myers and Jose Fernandez, it sure looks as though the class of 2013 has a bit of staying power. Fernandez famously shot to the big leagues at the tender age of 20, after pitching only in the low minors. Wil Myers was the odds-on favorite to take home the honor last year at this time, so well was he regarded as a minor leaguer.

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San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins

The Pirates are the darling of the National League in 2013, winners of nine games in a row and owners of the best record in baseball. They were also the best NL team in the month of June, winning 17 games. Somehow, the Braves great season flies under the radar, as they are first in the National League East having just put together a 16 win June.

The NL team with the next best record in June? Why the Miami Marlins, of course.

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Miami Marlins’ 20-year old phenom Jose Fernandez has made just six Major League starts, but he’s establishing himself as a worthy crush object. Fernandez pitched seven scoreless innings versus the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night, striking out nine while surrendering just one hit and one walk. He might be pretty good at throwing the baseball, and yes, I will mention again that he’s just 20.

As you can see in the .gif above, Fernandez made Chase Utley look like Ryan Howard with a nasty curveball. Ryan Howard did a pretty good job of looking like Ryan Howard on Saturday, too, as he struck out three times in as many at-bats against Fernandez. Consider this an announcement of further Jose Ferandez themed posts throughout the summer of 2013 and beyond.

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Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins

Lost in the excitement of the New York Mets and Miami Marlins’ 15-inning battle and the 19-inning epic between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was a pitching showdown between two of baseball’s most exciting young arms. Matt Harvey versus Jose Fernandez was scheduled to be some fine Monday evening viewing, on paper. Alas, Fernandez struggled with consistency and saw his night come to a halt following the fourth inning, and Harvey threw 121 pitches through 5.1 innings of work.

Harvey struck out seven Marlins while walking two and giving up one earned run on seven hits. Fernandez surrendered two earned runs on three hits and three walks, with the damage coming off a two-run shot by John Buck in the fourth. The 20-year old rookie struck out four, showing off some near NSFW nastiness in the process. We shall examine.

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Miami Marlins v Minnesota Twins - Game One

The dull moments are few and far between for members of the Miami Marlins. The whole “Miami” thing plays into this a great deal, not to mention the “Marlins” bit. High profile members of the Marlins literally never know what the day might bring! Will I be traded? Will I be forced into a local fashion show or some such publicity stunt?

Jose Fernandez is a blue chip prospect already well versed in the Marlins willy nilly ways. The 20-year old was a surprise addition to the Opening Day roster despite never pitching above A ball. He’s accustomed to the Marlins flipping the script at their leisure.

Like today, when they decided they’d prefer he not pitch in sub-zero temperatures in the second half of a day/night doubleheader. So they moved him to the first game. Just like that.

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