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Ken Rosenthal is the best baseball reporter working today. He is diligent and respected and gets it right more often than not. He does a thankless job well when he takes his turn as the sideline reporter for Fox and seems affable and self-aware on twitter.

He is also very good at spending other people’s money it seems. Within the last 48 hours, Kenny Rosenthal has committed a quarter billion dollars to Felix Hernandez and Buster Posey in the hypothetical world.

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Ken Rosenthal is a very good reporter. He is, without a doubt in my mind, the best that baseball has to offer. He is so good at what he does that he makes reporting on baseball appear effortless, much like the athletes who play the sport which he covers make pitching, batting and fielding look easy to fans.

However, there is a difference between reporting and writing.

In his most recent piece for FOX Sports, Mr. Rosenthal offers a satirical take on the much-discussed innings limit for Washington Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg. It’s a fun little article, and most likely not meant for very much of a critical reading. However, it serves a measure of discredit to Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo that I believe to be unfair.

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