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Your 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Week That Was

LAA – 2-5 (Baseball Prospectus Playoff Odds as of 8/13: 0.0%.)

That’s ZERO for those of you keeping score at home. For the rest of you, it’s also ZERO.

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I haven’t listened to this entire song in … maybe forever. And I’ve realized that the only part we ever hear during Los Angeles sporting events is the “best” part. And by “best”, I mean “least awful” part. I know this might fall on deaf ears, but I’m of the opinion that the song in its entirety is an absolute mess (and I won’t even comment on the video). Lounge-core intro? Check. Calypso interlude? Check. Prog/Space-rock bridge? CHEEEYECK. Ugh. It’s fucking awful.

Los Angeles in 2013 is traffic and traffic and more traffic and missed appointments/reservations and clearing your schedule to do ONE THING because of traffic and some more traffic and no parking and even more traffic. If you had the good fortune of being loaded (with money, coke and booze and limo drivers) in the 80s, I’m sure it was an full-blown party. Now, it sucks all of the balls.


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Yup. You just got Bon Jovied.

(Has anyone every seen Jon Bon Jovi and Ellen DeGeneres in the same room? I didn’t think so.)

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sad trout and sosh

Tonight, the Toronto Blue Jays travel to Angels Stadium in Anaheim to take on the Los Angeles Angels. Before the season began, this looked like the kind of series you might see MLB Network or ESPN pick up for national coverage. Two teams loaded for playoff bear, ready to take on the established order of the American League. The kind of teams who might look to add a key piece as the just-passed non-waiver trade deadline with that final playoff push in mind.

Instead, there are two teams going nowhere. NO. WHERE. Two teams with nearly identical records: seven games under .500 for the Jays, an amazing ten games below for the Angels. Two teams looking to shed soon-to-be free agents and gear up for next season. Two potential trade partners in their own special way

How could this happen? Where did I all go wrong to the Jays and Halos?

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I’m back? What’d I miss? Anything? Anything at all?

In a way, the answer to that is “no”. The Angels are actually worse off than they were when I’d left them for dead back in mid-June. When I left for tour they were 11 games back, mostly impossible to watch, and now they’re 14 games back, entirely impossible to watch and wholly infuriating.

On the other hand, the answer is “Yes. Lots.” Apparently the Dodgers can’t lose now? Wonderful. They went 21-6 while I was on the road. 21-6! Apparently throwing money at things only works if you throw ALL OF THE MONEY at ALL OF THE THINGS (and if people get healthy and Hanley Ramirez rediscovers the cheat code that he had in 2009).

As it turns out, you can’t just throw ungodly amounts of cash at big-ticket Free Agents without addressing glaring needs in your team’s rotation and bullpen. Weird how that works, eh Arte Moreno?

Before we jump back into this mess, I must extend a massive thanks to my man Ian Miller for showing just how much of a hack I am by writing fantastic Battle Of The Bay columns in my absence. Not only did he keep you all thoroughly entertained, but he took the template I cobbled together over the first 13 weeks of the season and made it much better. The bar has been raised. I just hope I can reach it.

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Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

It is going to be an annual debate until it happens. Either the Angels are going to do what they must to get Mike Trout signed long-term or he will walk into free agency at 26 (!), potentially staring at the richest contract in the game’s history.

Last August, Kevin Goldstein (then of Baseball Prospectus, now of the Houston Astros) polled the baseball industry and asked what kind of deal front office types would offer Mike Trout at that time. Getting Blanked opened the discussion on our hallowed pages and the consensus was “whatever” he wants”, also a pull-quote from Goldstein’s piece.

Now 11 months have passed and the question is no less terrifying than it was at that time: what kind of deal does Mike Trout deserve?

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$50 million a season for singles

$50 million a season for singles

You’ve heard it on broadcasts or you see it on Twitter. Some baseball pundit, trying to fill air time says something silly and/or asinine along the lines of “home runs kill rallies.” The belief, largely held among former players, hinges on the idea that clearing the deck of base runners gives the pitcher a break, allowing him to refocus and get the job done with a blank slate.

Never mind that the runs are already on the board, nothing is worse than a rally.

It is, of course, bunk. Scoring runs is the name of the game. Homers ensure runs score every time, without fail. It is about the best use of your limited, precious outs.

The Los Angeles Angels are a team built to hit home runs and, as a direct result of said dingers, score in bunches. That’s pretty much their whole thing, with Mike Trout and Albert Pujols and Mark Trumbo and some guy named Josh stacking their lineup.

Last night, rather than utilize the home run to their advantage, the Angels dinked and dunked and singled the Detroit Tigers to death – though the Tigers did themselves no favours thanks to their six errors on the night. The Halos won 14-8, representing their single highest run scoring output of the season. The Angels did so on 16 hits – only two of which went for extra bases in the form of doubles by JB Shuck and Albert Pujols.

This was…an unusual night of offense, to say the least.

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