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New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Look, there is no easy way to say this. The original plan was for this tidbit to slip into the Monday Morning Memo, but time was my enemy this day. Things would get weird if this factoid grew into its own post, yet here we are.

Instead, an introduction to a curious trend worth monitoring: Mike Trout, three true outcome superstar.

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Last night, the Seattle Mariners gagged away a five-run ninth inning lead. The Mariners built that lead on the strength of a Henry Blanco grand slam. It was the well-travelled catcher’s second grand slam of the season, as he hit one in his first game with Seattle after the Blue Jays cut him loose in June.

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Yes. One thousand times yes.

(Elvis Andrus still sucks.)

Hat tip to @ApplesElmi for enriching my life in a profound way.

Um…I…yeah. Giancarlo Stanton in bronze paint for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue and not a lot else. Happy Tuesday! Apologies to any female readers as there is a better than average chance you are now pregnant. These things happen.

Note: if your workplace forbids naked manass during office hours, you should go ahead and not watch this video. Then, find work in a less uptight environment.

Yesterday, on these fine pages, our own Jack Moore wondered aloud about what constitutes the “play of the year”. Even excluding his Brewers fandom, I think Jack would agree that Carlos Gomez‘s game-saving catch against the Reds all but certainly qualifies. The stakes are high enough (game on the line) and the catch was certainly special enough. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a “walkoff catch” because that is dumb (very dumb) but the idea is similar.

There were many exciting things which happened last night, including Tim Lincecum making a rare re-appearance in his old form against the Mets – a game his Giants eventually lost in a most “2013 Giants” fashion. Sadly, I saw none of it, as much of Toronto is a very wet place and the flow of electricity was less than reliable.

So this post will stand in as Getting Blanked dries out and figures out what happened last night. Enjoy Carlos Gomez, I know I do.

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates

Hello, friends. Just a brief reminder that today is Canada Day in the Great White North so this space will remain even more inactive than usual.

But, thanks to Sir. John A. and the boys, you get day baseball as the Blue Jays host the Tigers from a sold out Rogers Centre! Enjoy the garish red unis!

Even though it just opened its doors in 2008, Nats Park has seen its fair share of heartbreak, ugliness, and mishap. There is only so much #NATITUDE one ballpark can be expected to handle. Yesterday, the Nationals turned up the NATITUDE to unseen levels, allowing Stephen Strasburg to come back out for the seventh inning (!) having already thrown 100 pitches (!!!)

This didn’t sit well with the ghosts of Nats Park, who saw fit to do what they could to restore order to their domain. First, they wrecked havoc with the phone system, destroying the Diamondbacks ability to communicate with their bullpen. Later, they started the above fire in the light standard. CHAOS IN THE NATION’S CAPITAL!

“There was a minor technical malfunction in the lights above Section 226,” the team said in a statement. “All those in the vicinity were immediately evacuated and our facilities team is currently looking into what may have caused the problem.”

I suppose we can’t fault the Nats Park Ghosts for stepping in, trying to make things more exciting for the floundering club. Anything to get Nats fans noses out of their books is okay by me.