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You’re probably familiar with the idea of a TOOTBLAN – when a player is “thrown out on the bases like a nincompoop.” It is a handy acronym busted out when a player, well, is thrown out on the bases like a nincompoop. It is usually reserved for egregious acts of baseball running negligance, ignoring good sense and smart baseball in pursuit of personal glory.

This very unusual play involving David Murphy of the Texas Rangers is not a TOOTBLAN so much as it’s a WOTBLAN – Murphy “Wandered Off the Base Like A Nincompoop.”

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Victor Martinez made a rare start at first base for the Detroit Tigers on Sunday, and he made it a memorable one by pulling off an incredible play. Martinez knocked down a hard grounder off the bat of Jacoby Ellsbury, and managed to beat the speedy Red Sox outfielder with a circus flip to first for the out.

Ellsbury, as impressed as anyone, acknowledged Martinez’s unexpected defensive prowess with a pat on the back.

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The following line originally appeared in an ESPN Sweetspot blog post regarding Mike Trout‘s defense, which rates poorly according to advanced defense metrics so far in 2013. It was re-purposed about three weeks ago here on Getting Blanked.

It could even be something related to the early-season absence of Jered Weaver (whose fly balls tend to hang in the air longer than most and are more easily catchable) and the early struggles of Joe Blanton (whose fly balls have a lower hang time and may be less catchable).

Jered Weaver was back on the mound today and, lo and behold, he allowed a fly ball which hung in the air long enough that Mike Trout ran and ran and made the catch you see above.

Again, we Blame Blanton and praise Mike Trout, because he’s not only patently ridiculous, he’s historically ridiculous.

SO MANY DODGERS JOKES. JUST, TOO MANY TO PROCESS. Zombies received the ceremonial first pitch in San Diego last night, which is surely a coincidence considering World War Z hits theatres today.

Call me a sap but I think this is actually really fun/funny. Though the zombies featured here do not appear consistent with mythology created by World War Z author Max Brooks, which you should totally read.

Anyway, Yasiel Puig hit a home run and surely vanquished these zombies because he’s basically Baseball Brad Pitt.

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It appears as though Manny Ramirez is finished with baseball in Taiwan. Devoted Manny in Taiwan blogger Brandon DuBreuil relayed a series of reports early this morning, noting that Ramirez is expected to leave the country on June 21.

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You know that hill in centerfield at Enron FieldMinute Maid Park? It’s pretty much the dumbest thing in baseball and the worst part of the tricked up (but lovely, I’m sure) ballpark in Houston.

One day, somebody less capable than Carlos Gomez is going to run up that hill and they won’t make a terrific catch, as Gomez did. Some poor schmuck will traipse up that incline and everything will go horribly wrong, resulting in naught but twisted limbs and ligaments rather than the wry smile/look of amazement worn by Gomez after reeling in this long drive.

And then, somebody will realize this goofy gimmick in the goofiest, gimmickiest park in the league should go.

It will be too late for that chump but not too late to admire Carlos Gomez for making a great play. Way to go, Carlos. That was pretty cool.

kenny powers tattoo

You like baseball, right? Well how do you feel about things tangentially related to baseball? It’s Friday, you love stuff like this!

First, there is this Kenny Powers tattoo which made its way around Tumblr (coming to me via Pitchers and Poets) today. Credit to Laughing Buddha Tattoo in Seattle for creating this masterpiece. Remember this show/guy? He was a baseball player and used frequent profanity. Good times.

Next comes something from Getting Blanked’s own Riley Breckenridge of Productive Outs – Puig Destroyer. Pig Destroyer was/is a grindcore band of some acclaim who play fast, offensive metal with insane blast beats.

Puig Destroyer plays fast, aggresive grindcore…about baseball, and Yusiel Puig specifically. Featuring Rily and Ian (the other half of Productive Outs who also plays in the great SF band Kowloon Walled City), Jon (from KWC), and Mike (formerly of Curl Up and Die), Puig Destroyer is amazing. That’s it. The song they posted today is perfect, as I’m sure the rest of the songs of this fun EP will be. Go buy a shirt.

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