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Childish as it might be, this viney video makes me laugh a whole lot. The forced perspective makes it seem as though Trevor Rosenthal actually looks over his shoulder to check on this poor, tumbling bastard.

I dunno, I’m a simple man with simple tastes. Give me a husky dude rolling down three rows of seats and I’m content. Sue me.

Hat tip to Matt Sebak on twitter.

There is nothing about this video that isn’t tremendous. A young boy in Kansas City, stricken with a rare blood disease which makes taking in live baseball games difficult. Big Data, stepping up in an attempt to do a good thing and score some good PR. And, most importantly, the words “telerobotic” appearing on and, now, Getting Blanked.

The A’s and reliever Ryan Cook teamed with Google to provide Nick LeGrande the chance to throw out the first pitch in Oakland before an A’s/Yankees game…from his home in Kansas City.

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Last night’s game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers got ugly after after Ian Kennedy threw at Zack Greinke’s head in the seventh inning, causing both benches to empty.

It was a HBP-filled evening. Cody Ross was hit by a pitch earlier in the game, then Yasiel Puig took one off the face, which led to Greinke planting one between Miguel Montero’s numbers… to which Kennedy would retaliate in the most idiotic of manner by throwing at Greinke’s melon.

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Fresh off the disabled list, having missed more than forty days with a hamstring strain, Giancarlo Stanton takes Brewers reliever Jim Henderson deeeeeeeep to left center field to put the woeful Marlins ahead of the nearly-as-woeful Brewers in the bottom of the 8th inning.

A healthy Stanton makes the 2013 season at least 22% less crappy! And not a moment too soon. For the Marlins, I mean. Not my own personal well-being, or the well-being of their color commentator who screams “HE’S BAAAAACK!!!!!” when the ball leaves the yard. One man can only take so much Marlins baseball, I fear.

By the way: is anybody else completely enamored with the home run statue thing now? It’s pretty much the best.

I can honestly say I’ve never, ever seen this before. Bare-handing a base hit to the outfield? Crazy. Just crazy. But awesome! You go Gerardo Parra, you go and make crazy/reckless plays in the outfield for my entertainment.

Also crazy and fun to think about: how long would Kirk Gibson bench Parra if this play somehow went sideways? If he couldn’t corral the hop and it rolled to the wall? Or if he jammed his finger and had to miss time? Ole Gibby would run him out of town on a rail, of this I am sure.

And it was pretty much amazing. Who says defense doesn’t matter any more? Fools, that’s who.

How good was this catch? Even Hawk Harrelson gave Josh Reddick begrudging credit for making a terrific play when it, quite literally, mattered most.

Besides, if defense didn’t matter, what good would Josh “.190/.281/.306″ Reddick be?

Wow. That’s pretty much all I got here: wow. What else needs to be said? Enjoy the Yasiel Puig ride while it lasts. Unless, you know, it lasts forever and we’re witnessing a superstar being born in real time.

Either way, opposite field homers are always in fashion. This Puig character seems okay to me. Two curtain calls in one game? That’s next level business right there.