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The Mets don’t play at Shea Stadium any more. They moved over to the lovely Citi Field in 2009. The aren’t too many great memories left over from Shea – the 1986 World Championship and the Miracle Mets notwithstanding.

Last night, Brett Gardner made a catch which immediately reminded me of the Shea’s last great moment – the unbelievable Game 7 catch by Endy Chavez during the 2006 NLCS. Chavez robbed Scott Rolen in the sixth inning, preserving a 1-1 tie in a game the Mets went on to lose to the eventual World Series champions.

I remember watching this game on a flight to Vegas with 20 bros. It as the early days of live TV on airplanes so a huge group of dudes whooping it up on a quiet flight made the whole thing slightly surreal.

Brett Gardner’s catch wasn’t as awesome and it wasn’t in as big a moment, but it was still pretty great. Perfectly timed and executed, also preserving a tie in a game his team would eventually lose. The circle of life, man.

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Heath Bell fielding a ninth inning bunt off the bat of Will Venable went about as well as you could expect for someone with Heath Bell’s physique. The Diamondbacks beat the Padres 5-2, and Bell picked up his seventh save of the season. I’d like to say I appreciate his effort on this play, but I really just love watching portly men belly flop.

I don’t know what kind of weather system blew through Kansas City tonight but our planet’s prevailing physics don’t appear to apply in the Show Me state.

What other possible explanation could there be for a baseball swing that short and compact to impart such violent force upon a baseball? The kind of force required to send a baseball careening some 460 feet the other way needs a bigger swing and a bigger man, doesn’t it? HOW? WHY? I’M BAMBOOZLED.


Pittsburgh’s ROOT Sports launched a new television and web series titled ‘All Stars with Andrew McCutchen’ on Tuesday. The show features McCutchen interviewing ‘all stars’ from fields outside of sports, and the Pirates center fielder’s first guest was none other than celebrity chef, reality TV star, and author Anthony Bourdain.

Kudos to Bourdain for slamming ballpark beer prices. If it was up to Bourdain, he’d have very good beer at a reasonable price at his ballpark. You can own a ball team in my world any day, Mr. Bourdain.

McCutchen and Bourdain close this short segment out by discussing their love of junk food. McCutchen declared his love for Eggo Waffles and Bourdain informs us that he can’t get enough Popeye’s fried chicken. Swoon.

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There is no real debate: Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball right now. Joey Votto might be close but, honestly, Cabrera is able to hit the ball out of the park with more regularity than the Reds prolific walk machine cum doubles addict.

Miguel Cabrera is so good because of his ability to hit essentially any pitch thrown to any location for power to any part of the ballpark. Like the above video, for instance, which Miguel Cabrera drives deep to the right field side of center.

Cabrera doesn’t get it all and appears to catch a stinger in his right hand in the process (as if he caught it on the end of the bat a little). The ball is a high drive that drives Michael Bourn all the way to the track. It appears Bourn has a bead on it until…he doesn’t. Clank, straight over the fence for a home run. One of the cheapest home runs you’ll ever see.

This is one that will live for the ages on the internets and on clip shows. The sheepish grins on the faces of both Cabrera and Bourn underlines the absuridity of the situation. Bourn is a sure-handed center fielder to boot, just not this time.

Enjoy your notoriety Michael Bourn. Just be glad you aren’t Jose Canseco – that guys a piece of shit who also had something weird happen in the outfield one time. But mostly he’s scum.

Gary Carter played for the Montreal Expos for a long time. He also played for the New York Mets for a long time. But he played for the Expos and was beloved there so now, after his death, Gary Carter has been memorialized with a street in beautiful downtown Montreal.

The former Faillon St. was renamed Gary Carter street in a ceremony yesterfday. Faillon runs near the former site of Jarry Park, the Expos home field when they first arrived in Montreal. According to the Associated Press, there is another ceremony planned for June 15th when a local baseball field will be renamed for The Kid.

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God bless the good people at MLB for dumping weird and wonderful videos onto their Youtube channel from time to time. This is a brawl between the A’s and Angels from 1995. It starts slowly as this donnybrook was more of a slow burn than an immediate mound-charging outburst.

It gets going pretty well, with pushing AND shoving and lots of angry faces. None angrier or crazier than Tony LaRussa.

Seriously, he looks like a maniac. Hit the jump for the crucial insanity GIF.

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