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MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Miami Marlins

There is a certain ignominy that comes with winning Getting Blanked’s Man of the Year. It is not an honor bestowed upon the most deserving baseball player or even a person of high character who best exemplified greatness in their chosen field over the previous calendar year.

In both 2011 and 2012, the award went to a notably bad baseball player. 2013 is no different, as the highest honor ever created by me out of a need to publish something during the slowest week of the year doesn’t go to a hero. It goes to a bad player basically on his way out of professional baseball.

Getting Blanked’s 2013 Man of the Year is Casey Kotchman (formerly) of the Miami Marlins – for his noteworthy badness at the plate and his ongoing role as the personification of hope.

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The word “bravery” gets thrown around a lot these days. Too often it is used to describe the worst kind of reflexive defense of the status quo, where a Torii Hunter-type is cast as a hero by the “you must tolerate my intolerance” set.

That is not bravery. Bravery is turning your back on millions of dollars, walking away from a lifetime of comfort because it just isn’t working out right now. Bravery is Tsuyoshi Nishioka, the Getting Blanked Man of the Year for 2012.

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There are plenty of admirable baseball players in today’s game. Men who make a difference, who excel in their chosen profession and stand out as exemplary examples of dignity, courage, and determination. They defied the odds and overcame adversity to rise to the very top of their field. They shine on the biggest stages with thousand of adoring fans at their feat.

The Getting Blanked Man of the Year sort of resembles some those things. He fought his way up from the DR to the minor leagues, succeeding where hundreds of other ball players failed. That is all well and good, but not Getting Blanked Man of the Year stuff. To be the Getting Blanked Man of the Year, you need to be a guy who went 0-37 during the 2011 season. The Getting Blanked Man of the Year is Eugenio Velez.

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