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The following is a list of cast off headlines for a blog post on the total-doability of a trade between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim involving Barry Zito and Vernon Wells:

  • Six Of One; Half Dozen Of Another
  • It Takes Two
  • When Contracts Go Bad
  • What’s To Become Of Us
  • Mutually Assured Destruction
  • Misery Love Company
  • Shit For Shat

The mock trade game is tired, completely unrealistic and rarely more than the delusions of some fan boy with far too much time on his hands. With that said, or more accurately written, once in a while a transaction idea comes along that’s simply too good to pass up. If this idea happens to coincide with the Spring Training equivalent to the dog days of summer, then it becomes an idea worth exploring because basically there’s a whole lot better to write about.

And so, without further ado, be it resolved, the San Francisco Giants should trade Barry Zito to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for Vernon Wells.

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Rumours abound that the Pirates are heavily scouting Astros outfielder Hunter Pence in an attempt to steel their lineup for a run at the post-season. Exciting as it must be for the Pirates to be in a buying position as the trade deadline approaches, acquiring Hunter Pence is not a move they should pursue.

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This might be the most self-interested Matchmaker post in the long, storied history of Getting Blanked Matchmaker posts.

With Travis Snider raking his way back to the big leagues, the expiry date on the Corey Patterson Experience grows near. Patterson — to his eternal credit — keeps playing some reasonably inspired baseball for the Jays. Now is the time for Alex Anthopoulos and friends to capitalize on it, Alex Gonzalez-style.

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