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Los Angeles Dodgers v Oakland Athletics

One name consistently flying around in trade rumors is that of Matt Kemp. So frequent is his name popping up in trade coverage that his agent, former big leaguer Dave Stewart, says he “expects” the Dodgers outfielder to be moved.

The Dodgers current roster features too many outfielders and not enough places to play them. Not only are there too many fielders, there are too many dollars tied up in that overcrowded outfield. After taking on the expensive contract of Carl Crawford and the explosive debut of Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers “old guard” suddenly counted two bodies for one spot.

This isn’t ordinarily a bad thing – too much depth in one spot is a great way to address shortcomings in other places on the diamond. But the Dodgers free-spending ways complicate this matter, as both Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier both signed pricey extensions before reaching free agency.

Of the two, Matt Kemp remains the more desirable option. Or does he?

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There isn’t much else to say about this video, which comes via the magic of Vin Scully is My Homeboy by way of Hardball Talk. Matt Kemp gives a fan going through “a tough battle” an autographed ball, hat and the jersey right off his back on his way off the field. Awesome stuff.

Definitely made that guy’s day, something not everyone can do with a simple yet kind gesture. Good on Kemp, bringing smiles in the midst of a tough season, though Kemp clearly understands that it’s all relative.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Oakland Athletics

There is nothing better than the early days of the season for statistical oddities. Though the season isn’t exactly young (right, Blue Jays/Angels fans) it is still too early for many commonly referenced stats to have normalized – and for each slump or hot streak send the numbers swinging wildly.

It’s a time where a bad start still lords over the season line and makes for some odd stat lines. Not real representations of the present and future of these players but weird snapshots of this moment in time.

Today: the unsluggers.

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St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates

We don’t really talk about the Pittsburgh Pirates in today’s edition of the Getting Blanked podcast. But Scott Lewis likes the Pirates and Scott Lewis is on today’s show so we have fun at the Pirates expense for a while off the top. Then, down to business! Talking about Yovani Gallardo’s DUI, Cliff Lee and Bronson Arroyo going toe-to-toe and other stuff.

Then, for reason’s that aren’t clear to even me, we decided Matt Kemp isn’t that good anymore. No chance that comes back to haunt us. No way, no how.

Hit the mp3 link for direct download right here.

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Matt Kemp has all the money in the world. As a professional baseball player in the month of January, he also has all the time in the world. As such, baseball players tend to do things like get enormous tattoos paying tribute to their grandparents.

Which is exactly what Matt Kemp did. The results, as you can see, are somewhat spectacular. When the tattoo artist (on his website) praises Kemp’s “strong session” he pays tribute to Kemp’s very high pain tolerance, as a heavily-shaded piece like this would hurt probably hurt. A lot.

Puts the whole “ran into a wall and exploded his shoulder but kept playing” thing in perspective a little.

Via Vin Scully is My Homeboy by way of Kemp’s twitter and HBT.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had a rough weekend in San Francisco. Not only did they lose two out three games to the Giants, they were without Matt Kemp for both weekend games because of a shoulder issue, and they were forced to scratch staff ace Clayton Kershaw from his Sunday start with a hip injury. The good news is the team is expecting both players back in the lineup on Tuesday night in Arizona.

Kemp, who has had two separate stints on the Disabled List due to hamstring injuries this season, injured his shoulder in a game August 28th against the Rockies. Since the incident, he has only three hits, one of them being a home run. Kemp received a couple of injections in his left shoulder Sunday and needed a few days to recover. On the season, he has a .315/.382/.548 line with 18 home runs in 85 games.

Kershaw, who was scheduled for the Sunday night start against Barry Zito, was a late scratch by manager Don Mattingly after the lefty experienced pain in his hip. When asked about the injury, Kershaw said he felt good enough to pitch, and reiterated it wasn’t his decision not to pitch. The Dodgers have listed him as the scheduled starter now Tuesday against Ian Kennedy. The two-time All-Star owns a 12-8 record with a 2.79 ERA, 2.94 FIP and 4.9fWAR in 29 starts this season.

The Dodgers sit 1.5 games behind the Cardinals for the final Wild Card spot in the National League with the Pirates, Phillies and Brewers still in the mix. Yes, the Phillies and Brewers are only six games back of St. Louis, the same team that was in this situation last year, and we all know what happened there.

Vin Scully tells us about Shane Victorino tweeting at his new teammates Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez, as only Vin Scully could ever tell us about anything Twitter related.