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Andrew Baggarly of Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area relays a little bit of ground breaking news today, informing us that Major League Baseball, in agreement with officials from the Players Association, has rendered suspended San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera ineligible to win the 2012 National League batting title.

Apparently, Mr. Cabrera and his representatives sent a letter to union officials earlier this week requesting that he be removed from consideration. The union and MLB worked out a one-time amendment to the official rules that granted his request.

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Due to his 50 game suspension after testing positive for testosterone, San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera will finish the season with 460 at-bats, 501 plate appearances and a .346 batting average. In order to qualify for a batting title, a player must make an average of 3.1 plate appearances in each of his scheduled team games. Because the Giants, like every other team in baseball, are scheduled to play 162 games, a player must make 502 plate appearances as a minimum if he wishes to be named the batting champion.

Since 1967, if the player with the highest batting average doesn’t meet this requirement, how ever many plate appearances he needs to qualify will be considered hitless at-bats. So, as far as consideration for the batting title goes, Cabrera will have 159 hits in 460 at-bats and 502 plate appearances, which due to rounding, means that his batting average will stay at .346. This is good enough for first place in the National League, a point ahead of the slumping Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Another day, another suspension, as Bartolo Colon became the second player in a week to be suspended 50-games after testing positive for testosterone earlier today. If you didn’t hear, the Giants Melky Cabrera was suspended last week for failing a drug test. More on the Colon suspension, and the Cabrera suspension from Getting Blanked’s own Dustin Parkes.

No word yet on if Colon’s people have created a fake website to help with any appeal process.

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This is imagined immigration authority and ESPN/MLB Internationals commentator Rick Sutcliffe offering his opinion that Melky Cabrera should be deported for using testosterone.

Never mind the fact that the San Francisco Giants outfielder has not been convicted of a crime. Never mind the fact that there are several legal uses of testosterone outside the rules of Major League Baseball. Never mind the fact that Sutcliffe is completely ignorant as to the specifics of Cabrera working and living in the United States as someone who was born in the Dominican Republic. Rick Sutcliffe believes that Cabrera’s admitted intake of testosterone is enough evidence to justify his removal from the country.

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When I was in my early teens, my family had a limit on the amount of television that we could watch. In theory, the household rule was supposed to push us away from a sedentary television-watching lifestyle and encourage physical and more social activity. In practice, it resulted in us wanting to watch television more than anything else in the world.

Occasionally, my parents would have to leave the house, and when they did, on came the television. We would watch, and watch, and watch some more, all for the equally thrilling purposes of not only entertainment, but also the little measure of risky rebellion that came from breaking this silly rule. It was forbidden and therefore, suddenly desirous.

In order to soak up as much TV as we possibly could, we would wait until the sound of the front door opening before turning it off. However, this would inevitably lead to suspicions over why we had all congregated in the living room to not watch television. And so, we had a cover up. We would take out board games from the cupboard and place them all around as though there were in the middle of being played, and then, as soon as we heard that door, we would pretend to be in the middle of playing Scattergories.

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What does it mean when we talk about cheating? Is it us, the ironically-detached blogger types who are missing the boat when it comes to performance enhancing drugs? Not like we’re going to admit we might be wrong but at least we pay some lip service.

Speaking of lip service, there are very few people in the world who provide a greater service with the lips than Mr. Carson Cistulli of Notgraphs and the Fangraphs Audio podcast, who joins me to talk about this and all things baseball-ish. Strong “ish” on that, FYI.

…or download the mp3 directly right here.

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What could we possibly talk about today? Oh, that’s right… everything happened on Wednesday. Drew, Parkes, and Stoeten break down yesterday’s perfect game from Felix Hernandez, Melky Cabrera’s 50-game suspension for PED use, and Dan Duquette’s strange condemnation of the cut fastball. It’s Thursday, so the guys play some Proposition Hate, and Drew chats with Chicago White Sox pitcher (and star of The Machinist) Chris Sale in an instalment of Geekin’ Out.

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