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Cincinnati Reds v Miami Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton plays for the Miami Marlins. Giancarlo Stanton is a terrific-to-excellent baseball player. Anyone who claims those two attributes knows trade rumors are sure to dog them. Giancarlo Stanton is the focal point of more rosterbation than just about any other player in baseball because no other player in baseball can claim his combination of skill, age, and availability.

There is little to no doubt in my mind that Giancarlo Stanton will be traded by the Miami Marlins. Well, there is some doubt as the Marlins are quickly turning from The Ruthlessly Cynical Franchise to The Misanthropic Franchise Run By A Despot. They are unpredictable, like an ocelot trapped on a passenger train.

Had the Marlins traded Giancarlo Stanton last season, they could’ve asked the world in return. A 23-year old slugger still a year short of arbitration eligibility, the prospect packages offered to the Marlins would bring tears to the eyes of most internet scouts.

But now? Maybe the outlook isn’t so rosy.

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Miami Marlins v Colorado Rockies

The baseball hipsters all seem to love the Houston Astros for their daring willingness to disgrace the game of baseball rebuild the right way. At Getting Blanked, we are nothing if not TRUE hipsters, ahead of the trends. Keep your Astros, dorks. It’s all Marlins, all the time here. #2015

We also squeeze in some oddly sentiment Dustin Pedroia extension talk and gladly offer to Joey Votto off the hands of angry Reds fans.

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Some (underlined) Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records and Deathwish Records. Check out the full catologue and buy what you like. It’s the right thing to do.

Bird sing. Fish swim. Giancarlo Stanton hits tape-measure home runs at Coors Field.

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San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins

The Pirates are the darling of the National League in 2013, winners of nine games in a row and owners of the best record in baseball. They were also the best NL team in the month of June, winning 17 games. Somehow, the Braves great season flies under the radar, as they are first in the National League East having just put together a 16 win June.

The NL team with the next best record in June? Why the Miami Marlins, of course.

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Marlins vs. Twins

Every Friday, the Getting Blanked crew makes a prop bet of sorts with one another having something to do with baseball games over the weekend. Of the four competitors, whoever wins the prop bet is able to dole out a punishment on the colleague of their choice. This week’s punishment was watching and recapping Tuesday night’s Minnesota Twins and Miami Marlins game. We call this #PropHate.

The Narrative

The Miami Marlins are a juggernaut, and the only thing that will stand in their way is a general lack of talent, very little depth and the remainder of their regular season schedule – which on most nights will have them competing against superior competition. It would be arguable whether or not this was the case on Tuesday night when the Minnesota Twins visited Marlins Park for the very first time.

With a 4-2 victory over their guests, the Marlins have won four of their last five games in what has easily become their best run of the season. Miami achieved this despite a lackluster outing from their best pitcher, 20-year-old Jose Fernandez, who by my personal count had thrown 1,384 pitches by the second inning.

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New York Yankees v Miami Marlins

There’s nothing like an early June visit to south Florida. The temperatures hover between 80 and 90 degrees and the humidity never dips below 90 percent. Afternoon thunderstorms roll through daily but provide no relief from the heat and humidity. It’s hot, it’s wet, and it’s sticky.

But my parents live in south Florida now after years of splitting time between there and New York. My kids were just out of school and flights were relatively affordable. Oh, and the Marlins were in town, for a weekend series with the Mets. A chance to see Marlins Park and its glorious home run sculpture, even if the game to be played on the field wasn’t likely to offer much in the way of entertainment. So we found ourselves in the muggy swamp that is south Florida the first week of June.

What? Matt Harvey‘s pitching for the Mets against the Marlins on June 2? Well, afternoon thunderstorms be damned. What a great time to visit Miami!

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Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

It was always going to be a dicey proposition for the Toronto Blue Jays. Taking on salary and players previously slowed by injury as they attempted to bolster their lineup as part of a big playoff push. There are no certainties in this world but the Blue Jays definitely seemed to add a lot of talent in exchange for many promising young players.

The Marlins would rebuild around some of their new toys from the Blue Jays vaunted farm system and the Blue Jays would make their charge towards the pennant.

One month into the first season after a deal is too early to officially judge a trade and decide winners or losers. Especially for this deal, which looks like it might end up with both sides taking the L.

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