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Michael Young officially announced his retirement yesterday, with a form press event scheduled for later today. Young will retire as a member of the Texas Rangers – the uniform he wore for 13 of his 14 Major League seasons.

Young retires with a big pile of cash to land on and stellar career upon which to reflect. He has the love and respect of Rangers fans to his dying day. The rest of baseball? Well, that’s something of a mixed bag.

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Did Michael Young die, or is that simply what Jon Daniels told Ron Washington to keep him from etching Michael Young’s name into the lineup card everyday? Either way, the ever-weird Rangers/Michael Young love ballad refuses to end.

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Not many baseball players put up careers comparable in quality to that of Michael Young. Not many ballplayers get to stick around for more than a decade, compiling hits and runs scored while leadership oozes from every pore in their Good Face. Michael Young was not a perfect player, even at his best. He posted dramatic splits between home and away and created an odd cult of personality during his time in Texas.

That said, damning a player as a creation of his ballpark might be true but when his team extends his contract in such a way as to continue to reap the benefits of that creation, it is hard to fault them – over-payment or otherwise.

After suiting up for the Texas Rangers more than any other player in the history of the franchise, the Michael Young era comes to a close today, as Young agreed to waive his no-trade clause to complete his move to the Philadelphia Phillies. Not quite the storybook ending for long-time heart and soul of the Rangers, as the only Major League club Michael Young has ever known basically just paid the Philadelphia Phillies ten million dollars to make him go away.

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Intangibles. The term was once highly mockable in the world of nerdy baseball analytics, and while an argument for or against a particular player rooted in unmeasurable qualities ┬áis still easily dismissed, there is more room at the table than there used to be for consideration of a player’s value to a team beyond that which we can count.

Smart people in important positions in baseball make transactions all the time that don’t fit what our cookie cutter statistics-based analysis would suggest is an intelligent move. Alone, this fact isn’t enough to justify those moves, but it is enough to suggest that there is more to be considered than a player’s numbers. In fact, we’ve come to accept the fact that things don’t always occur inside a neat and tidy little vacuum. When it comes to team building, there are several factors to consider outside of that which is easily accessible.

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