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Nice Haircut

¬†You could probably have worst things shaved and styled into your head than Mike Napoli’s likeness. For instance, I remember a New Year’s Eve party from my youth in which someone passed out and awoke to find his hair coiffured as a Mohawk, with the addition of a faux beard created with a Magnum marker.

Thanks to Matt Clapp from The Score’s Buzz section, we can see the actual photo this was taken from:

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Not a moment of Mike Napoli’s post-season goes by without somebody rushing to use his success as a reason to kick Mike Scioscia. Which, in and of itself, isn’t really a bad thing. Mike Scoiscia has become an avatar for knowledge and baseball The Right Way in spite of, let’s say, ample evidence to the contrary.

Many in the media love to point out the success of Scoiscia’s Angels, teams which run and gun and steal bases and put pressure on the defense. Often forgotten is the impressive draft record and oodles of money spent to re-load talent all around the diamond. Not to mention lording over a four team division for years on end.

Much of the Scioscia-criticism comes back to one man – Jeff Mathis. Mathis is one of the worst offensive players in baseball history yet continually receives playing time. Lots of playing time. Often at the expense of Napoli with the nebulous definition of catcher’s defense the explanation.

Away from Scioscia’s keen oversight, Mike Napoli thrived in Texas. How could this be? Scioscia is the catching guru?! With loads of criticism and snark headed his way, Scioscia took to the ESPN airwaves to channel his cousin Karl and declare himself sick of this. Not unlike Mr. Welzein, Scioscia misses a few key points.

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Jered Weaver is an excellent pitcher putting together a terrific season. He is also a fierce competitor who seems to take failure quite personally, even when failure is giving up a single run on the night via a solo shot to your former battery mate.

You’d assume that but, then again, you don’t get Jered Weaver.

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Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Toronto Blue Jays are getting set to trade Mike Napoli to the Texas Rangers in exchange for reliever Frank Francisco and less than a million dollars in cold hard cash money.

The Jays recently acquired Napoli from the Angels in the Vernon Wells trade.  Despite seeming like a good fit for a team in need of coverage at catcher, first base and designated hitter (all positions that Napoli has played in the past), the Jays have moved him for yet another right handed reliever.

With Jon Rauch and Octavio Dotel signing before him, Francisco becomes the third right handed potential closer that the Jays have acquired this offseason, in addition to Jason Frasor who remains on the team from last year, and is currently awaiting an arbitration hearing.

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