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MLB: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres

The San Francisco Giants are, as constructed, a decent team. Probably not as good as the Dodgers, probably a little better than the Diamondbacks (but with a lower floor on their win total.) They didn’t add much this off-season, save the addition of veteran starter Tim Hudson and slugger Michael Morse, but the talent they have is pretty good.

The Giants have areas of concern (left field), areas of adequacy (SS, 2B, CF), and areas of quality (RF, 1B, 3B). To their credit, they do not look anything like a “stars and scrubs” program until a single player gets hurt, at which point they’re cooked.

There is one position the Giants have a serious advantage. At one position, the Giants are the class of the league. Not because of any platoon but because of one man. The Giants have Buster Posey and he’s really great.

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One of the more “interesting” revelations of Mike Piazza’s soon to be released biography includes a passage in which the surefire Hall of Famer blames Vin Scully ‐ VIN SCULLY — for sensationalizing the contract dispute which Piazza believes soured the relationship between the catcher and Dodgers fans.

L.A. TV station KTLA dug through their archives and came up with the video you see above, showing Scully “crushing” Piazza by asking him about the contract situation, ending it with a completely unfair and off-base “well said.”

I don’t know how Scully sleeps at night, knowing the damage he did to Mike Piazza’s reputation with this one cruel gesture. For shame, Vincent. For shame.

Now, if anybody needs Mike, he’s off learning capoeira to defend himself against Vin Scully’s awful retribution. claims.

Home plate umpire Charlie Reliford (C) comes betwe

Mike Piazza, who received 57.9 percent of the vote in this year’s Hall of Fame, denied using steroids at any point during his career in his soon to be released autobiography, “Long Shot”, according to a report in the New York Times.

With steroids taking over the baseball world once again, after the latest allegations from the Biogenesis clinic in Miami , most wondered if a PED story was a reason behind him pushing the release of the book back a month after the Hall of Fame vote. Piazza had this to say in the book.

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