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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout is something of a big deal around the baseball world. We here at theScore think he’s pretty great, mostly because he is pretty great at playing baseball. Scratch that: Mike Trout is actually, tangibly, appreciably great at baseball. As in historically great, one for the ages.

There are many things that make Mike Trout both great and noteworthy – not the least of which all he’s accomplished before the tender age of 22. In honor of Mike Trout’s 22nd birthday today, here are 22 things – facts, stats, and highlights – about Mike Trout. Enjoy!

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Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

It is going to be an annual debate until it happens. Either the Angels are going to do what they must to get Mike Trout signed long-term or he will walk into free agency at 26 (!), potentially staring at the richest contract in the game’s history.

Last August, Kevin Goldstein (then of Baseball Prospectus, now of the Houston Astros) polled the baseball industry and asked what kind of deal front office types would offer Mike Trout at that time. Getting Blanked opened the discussion on our hallowed pages and the consensus was “whatever” he wants”, also a pull-quote from Goldstein’s piece.

Now 11 months have passed and the question is no less terrifying than it was at that time: what kind of deal does Mike Trout deserve?

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The following line originally appeared in an ESPN Sweetspot blog post regarding Mike Trout‘s defense, which rates poorly according to advanced defense metrics so far in 2013. It was re-purposed about three weeks ago here on Getting Blanked.

It could even be something related to the early-season absence of Jered Weaver (whose fly balls tend to hang in the air longer than most and are more easily catchable) and the early struggles of Joe Blanton (whose fly balls have a lower hang time and may be less catchable).

Jered Weaver was back on the mound today and, lo and behold, he allowed a fly ball which hung in the air long enough that Mike Trout ran and ran and made the catch you see above.

Again, we Blame Blanton and praise Mike Trout, because he’s not only patently ridiculous, he’s historically ridiculous.

Thursday Target: Trout Time

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The 2012 American League MVP debate was fought on contentious ground. It became a case of discredit one guy and build an argument on misinformation. Miguel Cabrera was the best hitter coming off a record-setting performance while Mike Trout was the thinking man’s choice: he did more to help his team win than just hit. Trout’s base running and defense was praised and held up as support for his offensive numbers which, while stellar, don’t match up to those of Miggy Triple Crown.

Somehow, in the whole messy exchange, it feels like Mike Trout’s offense was somehow shoved to the side. Held up as a pillar of holistic baseball, it is easy to overlook one increasingly obvious detail: Mike Trout is one of five best hitters in baseball. He’s quite clearly the best player, but his offense is such that it should take a backseat to no man.

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If you asked J.J. Hardy, he would say he’s happy his team got the win. Because the Baltimore Orioles did, in fact, beat the Los Angeles Angels by a score of 3-2 tonight. The O’s pushed across the go-ahead run in the 8th inning and then held the Angels from scoring with two on in the bottom of the ninth.

But if you asked J.J. Hardy if, in his heart of hearts, he wasn’t a little peeved with the Angels outfielders, he’d be lying if he said anything other than “yes.”

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I don’t know what kind of weather system blew through Kansas City tonight but our planet’s prevailing physics don’t appear to apply in the Show Me state.

What other possible explanation could there be for a baseball swing that short and compact to impart such violent force upon a baseball? The kind of force required to send a baseball careening some 460 feet the other way needs a bigger swing and a bigger man, doesn’t it? HOW? WHY? I’M BAMBOOZLED.


Earlier today, we covered Jose Bautista‘s record-setting game for the Blue Jays. Jose went 4-4 with two home runs and the game-winning RBI in extra innings (and a walk for good measure). His Win Probability Added for the game is the highest in Blue Jays history, exceeding 100% in a most delightfully counter-intuitive way possible.

In the comment section of that post, reader “TOK” pointed out something truly bizarre: when Mike Trout hit for the cycle earlier this week, his WPA for the game was actually negative. WHAT? Hold on a tick…

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