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New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers - Game Four

No matter how laissez-faire your attitude towards performance-enhancing drugs might be, Major League Baseball has the right to protect their laws and constitution, such as it is.

It doesn’t matter that their investigation took on a goon squad quality, going through unsavory channels to get the dirt it needed on Alex Rodriguez. Right now, it appears Alex Rodriguez repeatedly and purposely acted in a way that made him a target. After an initial 211-game suspension, his penalty after appeal and arbitration is now a nice, round, 162 – the entire 2014 season.

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Los Angeles Dodgers

The 30-for-30 doc “Broke” offers a telling look inside the spiral that lands highly-paid athletes in bankruptcy mere months after their careers end and the paychecks stop. More than anything, it is the inability to make lifestyle adjustments that seems to trip these jocks up the most.

Spending is easy. When the money flows in so freely, why not just throw more money at your problems? It’s the perfect solution!

The Dodgers had a great season in 2013, though it started slowly. A lightning bolt by the name of Puig shocked the Dodgers back to life (though his arrival in the big leagues coincided nicely with Zack Greinke rounding into form after missing a month with a collarbone injury) and they rode high into the playoffs, eventually falling to the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS.

Though they didn’t achieve the ultimate goal, the season was a good one for LA. Well positioned as they might be in the NL West, their roster is not without question marks. Sure, they have too many outfielders right now, but is this is a blessing or a curse? The outfield situation is quite the opposite of the conundrum on the infield, where the talent is abundant but razor thin.

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at New York Yankees

For years — probably since the advent of free agency — there has been a clamor for baseball to enact a salary cap in the name of competitive balance. Star players went on an annual exodus from the small markets of the midwest to the major cities of the coasts, and thus came the concern every World Series would pit the New York Yankees against the Los Angeles Dodgers, as if the Yankees weren’t by far the most powerful team in the days before players could negotiate their own salaries.

Monday, the Yankees announced the plan to spend $12-15 million in bonuses on international free agents according to Kiley McDaniel of Such spending would incur an extra $10-12 million in penalties as the Yankees would rocket past the $2.9 million international free agent spending limit. And this news should help show just why a salary cap — hard or soft — is extremely limited in its ability to enforce competitive balance.

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Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees - Game One

This is the worst part – the waiting. The space in time between the action and the reaction. Last night’s semi-gigantic report from ESPN’s Outside the Lines on MLB gleefully hopping into bed — offering to “drop the lawsuit it filed against Bosch in March, indemnify him for any liability arising from his cooperation, provide personal security for him and even put in a good word with any law enforcement agency that might bring charges against him” — with scumbag drug pusher Tony Bosch in a brazen attempt to punish ballplayers who violated baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement is only the beginning.

Right now, there is only speculation. Right now, there is only weary headshaking as to the depths the league will go to decorate their regal home with the heads of the transgressors. Who will it be? How will this change the game? How made will the union get?

Into that vacuum enters speculation and pontification. Many column inches and blogposts and hot twitter takes and tortured metaphors will for the greater good of shaming MLB for their specious lawsuit meant to squeeze a desperate, pathetic man. Or, alternately, the praise chorus will sing loudly as Bud Selig and his crew finally clean up the game for good.

The cheaters will be banished! The playing field levelled! Consumer confidence will hit an all-time high and the league and players’ union will finally get down to the business of making money. If only it were that simple.

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Slightly encouraging news from Yahoo! Sports reporter Jeff Passan who suggests the MLB plan to take the draft into Latin America might be shelved for another year. The largely unpopular choice to further exploit the international labor pool was recently opposed by many current players. Miguel Cabrera, Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano were among 150 current players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Cuba to sign a petition circulated during Spring Training voicing the current generation’s opposition to the international draft. Even players from Puerto Rico — Carlos Beltran and Yadier Molina among them — signed the petition, after their own experiences as Latin Americans with experience in the draft.

According to Passan, the league and union have agreed to put off the decision until next year, meaning business as usual in Latin America.

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Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals

Do you hate your hard-earned dollars? Do you like leaving your fate up to sports writers with a personal agenda? Well have I got an idea for you – MVP award futures! You can bet on the potential AL & NL MVPs, not to mention potential Cy Young awards with the updated odds posted Bodog.

Hit the jump to learn what it will take to get value on your preseason “Pedro Alvarez for MVP” sure-fire, can’t miss wager of a lifetime.

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Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners already purchased one of the largest televisions in the world and are owned by a company best known for creating some of the most popular video games in history. Why not complete the entertainment trifecta and buy up the company which current owns the team’s broadcasting rights?

The good people at Seattle Mariners Inc are going to do just that, as reports indicate the Mariners ownership group will buy a controlling interest in ROOT Sports, the regional sports network that broadcasts the Mariners and partner with DirectTV to create a new regional sports network partnership. The Mariners deal with ROOT features an opt out clause after the 2015, at which point the new DirecTV partnership will take over, one can only assume.

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