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This may be hard to believe, but I am sometimes wrong. Not just occasionally, but pretty often. It comes with the territory of being, uh, whatever I am. Really, though, anyone who reads baseball blogs shouldn’t be surprised by this. One need not descend to the banality of “can’t predict ball” sloganeering to understand the situation. The name of this column was inspired by Bill James‘ phrase “measuring the fog,” which he coined in the context of discussing the task of sabermetrics. That is, the job of sabermetrics (“the search for objective knowledge about baseball”) is not just to figure out what we know about baseball, but to delineate what we do not know: “the fog.”

So I am accustomed to being wrong, even if admitting it is not necessarily fun. I pay a lot of attention to projections (and make no apologies for doing so) while keeping in mind that they are more reliable than personal intuition as a whole, on an individual level they will still miss a fair bit. Those who produce respected projections understand this, and those who use them should, too. If a player does much better or worse than he is projected to do, whether by a respected projection or by my own projection or analysis, it is not big deal. Win some, lose some. Sometimes, I go out of my way to praise or mock a player, and he does pretty much the opposite. Sometimes it is predictable, sometimes it is not. But some of them just sting.

If I wrote a post for everything I was wrong about prior to the season, I would never post anything else. For today, I will just take three cases in which things went very differently than I thought they would, three players that I (somewhat publicly, in two cases) singled out prior to the season as likely to be very good or bad, and have gone the other way, making me look, well, just like any other fallible human being. Or an idiot, depending on hour perspective.

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Day three of the Winter Meetings are well underway in Nashville, and after two quiet days, the same trend is continuing today, unless you count Jeff Keppinger to the Chicago White Sox as big news.

Really, to the surprise of almost no one, the Baltimore Orioles have decided to bring back their spark plug, Nate McLouth, on a one year deal for a reported $2 million (I’m kidding here folks about the spark plug comment). Last season, McLouth posted a .268/.342/.435 line for the Orioles after being released earlier in the season by the Pirates. With the former 25th round pick by Pittsburgh in 2000 now ready to patrol left field in 2013, it’s fair to assume the end of the Josh Hamilton to Baltimore rumours.

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