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MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics

The path leading Nelson Cruz to the Baltimore Orioles was both long and winding. It took a series of very strange circumstances to arrive at this conclusions, with the slugger inking a one-year contract worth a mere $8 million, as reported by Enrique Rojas.

Mere is, of course, relative. But considering the $14MM qualifying offer Cruz received, and promptly turned down, from the Texas Rangers, it seems like Cruz misread the market.

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MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Texas Rangers

Nelson Cruz is still a baseball player, I assume. He’s a free agent awaiting a contract, so technically he’s unemployed. When you’re sitting on a big payday — even if that payday might be less than you first imagined — you can probably call it “funemployed.”

This period of funemployment won’t last much longer for Cruz. When the winter started and his lofty contract expectations became public, many fans feared giving a player like Cruz the kind of commitment he expected. A few months later, he is still out there. It is important to recognize that, while Cruz isn’t a star by any means, he remains a valuable player who can help the right team in 2014.

Who are these right teams that can tackle the risk of adding Nelson Cruz knowing that the back half of his deal (like just about every other FA contract) won’t look as attractive?

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