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It’s become something of a joke that, as Ryan Howard’s ridiculous five year, $125 million contract kicks in with the Philadelphia Phillies, almost two years after he originally signed it, the first baseman finds himself on the Disabled List.

While his on field abilities may be limited by injury, that didn’t stop him from taking a desk job yesterday to sell tickets at a Phillies ticket window.

This, of course, brings up two questions: 1) How do the regular ticket agents feel about their job security when management basically tells them that their duties are easy enough for an untrained ball player to handle; and 2) How much would it suck to be one line over?

No ticket handling service charge to the SI Vault Twitter account for the picture.

According to several reputable sources, replacement level infielder Cristian Guzman signed a Minor League contract with the Cleveland Indians this past off season in an attempt to make the team’s Major League roster out of Spring Training.

After 25 plate appearances and an unfortunate hamstring injury, the Cleveland Indians said thanks, but no thanks, and gave Guzman his outright release.

While in and of itself, this story is of little consequence. A declining veteran with a couple of good seasons under his belt failed to impress with his invite to Spring Training after taking a year off from baseball. However, upon further investigation, the story becomes more than what it originally appeared to be.

It seems that for all of the reports on Guzman’s progress, or lack thereof, at camp, there isn’t a whole lot of photograph evidence supporting, causing this intrepid blogger to question whether the former Twin, National and Ranger ever tried out for the Indians at all.

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It’s no secret that baseball personality Keith Law enjoys administering healthy doses of snark in both his columns for and on Twitter. While humourous to many, his barbs tend to rub certain elements of each team’s fan base the wrong way.

Those personally offended by Law’s take can most accurately be described by whatever words you would normally use to simultaneously express superiority and disdain. Personally, I choose to refer to them as unwashed mouth breathers who dare to eat at The Olive Garden.

Nonetheless,┬áseveral┬átimes a day, Law’s wry comments are misconstrued as being blatantly biased, with the common connotation being that his opinions are tainted by a deep seeded hatred of the team on which he’s commenting.

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