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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies

Free agency as we know it is dead. Let us all gather ’round its desiccating corpse and offer prayers to the Angel of Arbitration – wishing for health, prosperity, and draft day magic. The top free agents due to test the market are..[scans charts and clipboards] two bat boys and a retired bullpen catcher. Those are the only people in baseball not currently signed to long, option-heavy contracts.

That isn’t entirely true. The free agent class of 2014 isn’t totally bereft. Why your team could be lucky enough to sign…Colby Rasmus. Or, the very good Chase Headley. A few pitchers like Max Scherzer or James Shields catch the eye but it at the plate the pickings are slim.

Except for one decidedly non-slim option. Pablo Sandoval is scheduled to become a free agent at the end of the season. Like the other top position players, injuries robbed the Panda of some effectiveness in recent years. But he remains the player most clubs will monitor during the 2014 season for all he’s accomplished and all the promise in his perplexing package.

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San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies

When I first considered speaking with Pablo Sandoval about his approach, it was somewhat tongue in cheek. Interview the Panda and Hunter Pence, have a few laughs. When I spoke with Giants PR about the idea, their PR rep said “I don’t even think Pablo has an approach.” With love, of course.

But how much depth could I get into with the man known as the Kung Fu Panda? Pablo Sandoval hits. That’s it. That’s the whole story.

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World Series - San Francisco Giants v Detroit Tigers - Game Three

Bruce Bochy escaped the weekend without undertaking the responsibility of explaining that the reigning World Series MVP would be benched due to an issue with his weight. Pablo Sandoval was asked to check-in at a specific weight before the Giants’ Cactus League opener on Saturday, or he would be benched. Sandoval tipped the scale in his favour, apparently, as he was the only Giants player to start their first two games in the field.

According to a report from CSN’s Andrew Baggarly, Bochy was somewhat caught off guard by his third baseman’s ability to shed pounds.

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Hitting three home runs in a single World Series game is, to say the least, unlikely. The company Pablo Sandoval joined last night speaks to that very fact: Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth, and Reggie Jackson are the only other men to blast three homers in a World Series game. They also rank among the very best sluggers in the long history of the game.

As Rob Neyer points out, Pablo Sandoval is far from a singles hitter but he isn’t exactly the kind of player we expect to see drilling three home runs in a single game, especially against Justin Verlander and in spacious AT&T Park.

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This pretty much sums up the San Francisco Giants in one single play. Something difficult is almost achieved before it appears to result in failure, only for the completely unexpected to rescue it to find success at the last moment. Also, it’s pretty enjoyable to watch Pablo Sandoval do just about anything.