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I feel conflicted about relaying this information for a few different reasons: 1) It’s sad news; 2) It’s not directly related to baseball; and 3) I’d hate to capitalize in terms of page views or attention from what is a tragic circumstance for someone else, especially when me writing about it will do nothing in terms of easing pain or making things better for those who are currently suffering.

Nonetheless, this is a baseball blog, and we tend to write about things that might not be directly related to baseball from time to time. Also, on the off-chance that prayers or collectively hoping the best for someone might have the slightest effect whatsoever, perhaps it’s worth sharing the following sad news.

Mere hours after this:

Pat Neshek, a pitcher for the American League West Division-winning Oakland A’s, shared this:

Obviously, our thoughts remain with the Neshek family throughout this awful, awful time.