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This wasn’t my intention, I assure you. When I set out to write this post, I was trying to cleanse the Hall of Fame palate with some idle speculation. Some innocent thought experiments. “Will we ever see another 300 strikeout pitcher?”, the headline was set to wonder.

There would be pseudoscience and bad projections and all sorts of fun. “But YU!”, they’d shout. “Max effort!”, others exclaimed. Good clean fun. Just what we all need.

But a cursory look into 300 strikeout seasons lead me down a dark path. It sent me to a dangerous place – Randy Johnson‘s baseball reference page.

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Another edition of the Getting Blanked show on a Friday, another topic we beat into a bloody pulp. This week we talk about legacies and lasting memories: what kind of damage can a player do to your impression of them with off-field or post-career shenanigans?

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