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It’s always fun to compare the skills of athletes, so let’s take a look at the fastest baseball players in the league right now. We timed each runners speed from the crack of the bat at home plate to when their foot touches the bag at first.

These 6 players had the fastest times. Also, huge thanks to our MLB Features writer Drew Fairservice for the insight to each player’s speed.

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A fresh pile of GIFs right here. Come get your fresh, hot animated GIFs. Thank you to theScore dot com news hounds for their contribution.

We lead this week’s instalment with Jayson Werth and the Pitch That Time Forgot. The following films are suitable for all audiences. Not the final one, though. That’s rated B, for Badass Ninja.

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Hey, it’s your weekly helping of baseball GIFs. We’re running a little bit late today, but this bout with tardiness allowed us to stumble upon this dandy animated mashup image of A-Rod going full Mr. McMahon.

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Here’s yer fancy moving images of the week. I’m just gonna go ahead and guess that ‘mouse over to GIF’ functionality ain’t coming. RIP browsers everywhere.

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This week’s crop of baseball GIFs features a pair of mind-melting pitches, a man licking a baseball, and David Ortiz going Office Space on a dugout phone. We lead things off with Chad Qualls’ failed attempt at a fist pump.

All GIFs were created by myself and theScore dot com’s news hounds, unless otherwise noted. Big glove taps to the brothers Toman at Game Reax, and Josh Gold-Smith.

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Getting Blanked’s GIFs of the week are back. We kick things off with a poorly timed hip bump from Jeff Samardzija and Darwin Barney. I mean, c’mon guys, do that crap after the game.

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Clint Hurdle is a beautiful man. Some say his jaw is made of an indestructible metal alloy, and that he could crush human bones with a single chomp. Others say he may have very high blood pressure because he sometimes appears to be purple. No matter what they say, Clint Hurdle is a beautiful man.

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