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A fan in San Diego lept into some shrubbery in pursuit of Jason Heyward’s second home run ball of the night. This is by no means an effective souvenir retrieval method, but hell, it will sure as shit get you a look on SportsCenter.

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San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies

Edgmer Escalona and the Colorado Rockies had themselves a bizarre top half of the seventh inning on Sunday versus the San Diego Padres. It was the kind of appearance that Escalona would probably like to forget. He entered the game in relief of Juan Nicasio. The right-hander came in to protect a 4-2 Rockies lead, following six effective innings from Nicasio.

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Happy Friday to all the readers out there. Minimal words to be found here as we prepare to stab your browser in the brain. We’ll lead this instalment of the Getting Blanked GIFs of the week with Scooter Gennett unloading his hand cannon. That ‘click to gif’ feature is coming, I swear.

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Upon first glance, it appears as though John Hirschbeck may have taken a baseball to the groin area (read: ‘nis). The ball actually hit him in the wrist, which is better, I suppose. Whatever the case, John Hirschbeck probably won’t be handling the goods for a day or so.

Up from the Getting Blanked .gif archives, it’s nine glorious bat flips. Between David Ortiz dropping the lumber and Domonic Brown’s surge of sluggery, bat flips are totally like the coolest thing going.

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This week’s collection of .gifs from around baseball is sure to set your browser on fire. It’s all thanks to a lengthy exception at the bottom.

We kick this instalment off with a home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez taking a ball off the balls, because men getting drilled in the groin with objects will never cease to be funny.

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New York Yankees v New York Mets

David Wright is probably the best player in Mets franchise history. He is also the only non-Matt Harvey player on the Mets currently worth a damn. David Wright is quite good, in other words.

David Wright showed tonight how damn good he is when he lead his Metropolitans to victory over the Yankees in the latest edition of the heated tepid lukewarm ongoing Subway Series. David Wright hit huge triple, a very nice snare at third base, and a game-tying home run in the seventh inning. A huge night by any standard.

As if that wasn’t enough, David Wright also took it upon himself to make the night/month/young life of one diehard fan. Which is to say, David Wright is pretty awesome.

GIF courtesy of @MetsKevin11 via your boy @EarlManwich