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New York Yankees v New York Mets

David Wright is probably the best player in Mets franchise history. He is also the only non-Matt Harvey player on the Mets currently worth a damn. David Wright is quite good, in other words.

David Wright showed tonight how damn good he is when he lead his Metropolitans to victory over the Yankees in the latest edition of the heated tepid lukewarm ongoing Subway Series. David Wright hit huge triple, a very nice snare at third base, and a game-tying home run in the seventh inning. A huge night by any standard.

As if that wasn’t enough, David Wright also took it upon himself to make the night/month/young life of one diehard fan. Which is to say, David Wright is pretty awesome.

GIF courtesy of @MetsKevin11 via your boy @EarlManwich

Adam LaRoche probably should have hit the dirt here in this steal attempt. Thankfully, for LaRoche, Yamaico Navarro couldn’t hang on to Matt Wieters’ throw. That’s a stolen base in the box score, LaRoche’s second of the season.

Hey, it’s time for your weekly feed of looping images. Come and get it. We lead with Andre Ethier and his ‘hold me back’ stare directed at home plate umpire Dan Bellino. Ethier was upset with a call during his at-bat, or maybe it was the pitch that may or may not have been directed at his head by Mike Gonzalez. Whatever the case, that’s a cold ass stare.

We got spitballs, beer toss, terrible swings, and more staring after the jump.

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Mat Latos is pretty easy to dislike as a baseball player. If he doesn’t play for your favorite team, he makes for a wide target for your scorn. His haircut, tattoos, and face in general scream “guy who isn’t fun to hang out with who also sort of likes it that way.”

Also: Mat Latos is a terrific pitcher. While he wasn’t quite at his best today against Matt Harvey and the Mets. 6.2 innings pitched, eight hits allowed, one walk and four strikeouts. The kind of day where Mat Latos needs his defense to pick him up a little bit.

When that defense didn’t quite pick him up, when a shallow fly ball allows a run to score via sacrifice fly, Mat Latos get a little upset. So upset that he feels the need to come back to the dugout when the inning ends and get into a very visible argument with right fielder Jay Bruce? It seems so. It is about the throw and its relative lack of quality?

Could be. Either way, Mat Latos hardly comes out of this smelling like a rose. Mostly because he looks like such a goddamn creep.

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God bless the good people at MLB for dumping weird and wonderful videos onto their Youtube channel from time to time. This is a brawl between the A’s and Angels from 1995. It starts slowly as this donnybrook was more of a slow burn than an immediate mound-charging outburst.

It gets going pretty well, with pushing AND shoving and lots of angry faces. None angrier or crazier than Tony LaRussa.

Seriously, he looks like a maniac. Hit the jump for the crucial insanity GIF.

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…And just like that, your browser collapsed. Here’s your roundup of GIFs from around Major League Baseball (and Taiwan). Ian Kinsler leads off this slide heavy edition with a bit of misjudged attempt at diving headfirst into third base. We can only applaud.

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bat flip greatness

There are bat flips and then there are Bat Flips. This is both. This is everything. This is all that a bat flip video needs to be. It is story. A saga of human achievement. The heights of euphoria and the depths of despair.

It is also encoded to prevent embedding. So we shall embark together on a journey. A journey to the very core of our own humanity. We will learn of both the agency of a man as well as his place in his realm.

Read on…

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