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dog fister

It might be the fantasy holy grail – what if you could figure out if a pitcher’s struggles were injury-related — before that hit the newswires? You’d look like a genius on your trades, at the very least.

We looked at off-season injury prediction here — based on past disabled list appearances, and pitch mix — but in-season would be sweet. Looks like there are at least some tools we can use in our efforts.

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Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox

Far too often in the early days of the season, you can head over to your favorite baseball blogsite and read the fateful words “small sample size but” in many different forms. It isn’t exactly high treason to base a blogpost on less than stable information but, especially among true stat folks (read: not me) it goes against the entire nature of the beast.

In the early days of the season, it is usually more telling and more informative to look for dynamic differences rather than statistical differences. Things that stand out as changes in process, rather than result.

Jeff Sullivan wrote a very interesting post on Ryan Dempster’s early season strikeout swell for Fangraphs earlier this week. It is Sullivan-ian in its quality and depth of research, keying on many dynamic differences in what Ryan Dempster‘s done since joining the Red Sox.

Ryan Dempster is doing things slightly differently in 2013 but his results are vastly different from previous years. A result of this tinkering and adapting? Perhaps. The product of good fortune in key moments? Absolutely.

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The 2012 MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline came and went yesterday. It had moments of excitement, moments of tiredness and moments of utter boredom, and then moments of rushing around the office to fulfill obligations that one really should have known better than to schedule for such a day. However, through it all, we, as baseball fans, emerged holding a more accurate picture of the rosters that will compete for this year’s World Series.

Of course, changes can still happen, and certainly more trades will occur in the coming weeks, but none in such a flurry that occurred over the last 24 hours, and none without a player first having to be put on waivers. After the 4:00 PM deadline passed, we spoke with a couple of bloggers about the adjustments their teams made and talked a little bit ourselves about some other trades in a very special Trade Deadline Edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast, available right here, right now:

And, if audio isn’t your thing, here’s a recap and capsule review of every trade that occurred on the day of the deadline, for your reading and viewing pleasure.

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