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Breaking news: the Mariners are terrible! The offense has stalled and it’s time for a change. Brendan Ryan, the pre-eminent defensive shortstop in the game who also offers zero offensive contribution, is the first to lose his job. The Marines, in their infinite wisdom, want Robert Andino to take over as the starting shortstop. Which is just delightful.

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Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners already purchased one of the largest televisions in the world and are owned by a company best known for creating some of the most popular video games in history. Why not complete the entertainment trifecta and buy up the company which current owns the team’s broadcasting rights?

The good people at Seattle Mariners Inc are going to do just that, as reports indicate the Mariners ownership group will buy a controlling interest in ROOT Sports, the regional sports network that broadcasts the Mariners and partner with DirectTV to create a new regional sports network partnership. The Mariners deal with ROOT features an opt out clause after the 2015, at which point the new DirecTV partnership will take over, one can only assume.

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Courtesy of the San Diego Union-Transfer

Courtesy of the San Diego Union-Transfer

Last night was the first chance for most fans to catch a glimpse of Safeco Field’s new dimensions, though it appears to be just more of the same. The M’s pitched a shutout and failed to hit a home run of their own. Time will tell if moving the fences will play into the Mariners plan as they beefed up their offense this winter. I’m sure hosting the Astros has something to do with the lack of runs, but that’s just me.

The San Diego Pardres play in an even more “extreme” ballpark than the Mariners, and they take their new yard out for a spin this afternoon when they host the Dodgers at new look Petco.

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Rays suck

Remember yesterday when we praised the Mariners marketing initiatives, engendering good will in the face of decades of futility on the field? With the Mariners starting the season on the road, they opened Safeco Field to fans and it was an unqualified success.

The Rays are the opposite of the Mariners. They built a very successful ballclub in a less-than-optimal location, with very little fan support for a whole host of reasons. The Rays, try as they might, haven’t built the same type of love affair with their fans.

The Rays are still willing to try, however. They see how well the Mariners create memorable experiences for their fans and they want a piece of that pie. So what did the Rays do? They ripped off one of the most successful Mariners promotions and made it their own.

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If only the Mariners were as good at “selecting baseball players to comprise their professional baseball team” as they are at “doing right by their fans and fostering goodwill within the community.”

Because, honestly, it is stuff like this that makes me shake my head in amazement at how a little bit of effort and heart goes a long way to cover up ten years of complete ineptitude on the field. Well, they had that one year that was pretty good but still.

The Mariners, of course, added one of the world’s largest LED displays as part of substantial renovations to Safeco Field this winter. In addition to giving fans a sneak peek at the new-look ball yard, they also give fans a chance to watch Felix Hernandez one more time. Never a bad thing, as it is all the M’s have to go on at this point.

Seattle Mariners Photo Day

The Seattle Mariners took a chance on Jason Bay this off-season after the former All-Star agreed to part ways with the New York Mets in November of last year. Now, it appears the gamble paid off, as the Mariners announced they designated outfielder Casper Wells for assignment, giving Jason Bay the 25th spot on the Seattle roster.

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Colorado Rockies v Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners reduced their roster by two today, releasing veteran pitcher Jon Garland and infielder Mike Jacobs.

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