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Remember yesterday when I cherry picked some stats and suggested that, despite superficially similar stat lines, defense makes a huge difference in the way players are regarded and paid. It was a cute exercise but hardly a vigorous study into the numerous factors informing players contract status.

In that example, some in the comments and on twitter astutely pointed out that Aramis Ramirez and Adrian Beltre are not exactly apples to apples comparisons due to the respective times they hit free agency. Beltre is a better player who, in the end, was going to end up better compensated than Aramis Ramirez over the span of their careers (barring something unforseen.)

The same claim can’t quite be made at other positions.

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Shane Victorino, traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday, took out this full-page ad in the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer to thank the fans for his eight years in a Phillies uniform.

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Vin Scully tells us about Shane Victorino tweeting at his new teammates Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez, as only Vin Scully could ever tell us about anything Twitter related.