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2012 was a milestone year for the Miami Marlins, with attendance expanding to more than 10,000 baseball fans, nightclub owners and exotic dancers, spanning 167 public housing blocks–figures that represent a growth rate 20 times that of a decade ago.

The driving force behind this unparalleled era of growth is Jeffery Loria, ecclesiastical owner of the Miami Marlins. Mr. Loria is unrelenting in his work for dozens of luxury box owners and the tax payers of Miami-Dade county. He has led a renaissance for Marlins baseball itself, while driving worldwide programs to serve communities through municipally-funded social and humanitarian initiatives.

Jeffery Loria spearheaded a program to convert every publicly-held parking lot into what baseball commissioner Bud Selig termed “Ideal Revenue Streams” (Ideal Yards). This new breed of publicly-funded ballpark is ideal in location, design, garishness of color scheme and comes at the expense of social betterment programs. Each is uniquely configured to accommodate the full array of exclusive modern art for ownership’s ego-satisfaction and the surrounding community’s desolation. Ideal Yards further house extensive public information multimedia displays that introduce scouting reports on the fresh batch of faceless pre-arb nobodies traded in exchange for all establish stars, along with highlights, sculptures and bizarrely located tropical fish tanks for an introduction to and study of truly vulgar excess. Marlins Park serves to host Giancarlo Stanton at bats and other marginally baseball related gatherings.

It is from this Ideal Yard that the Marlins extend their publicly-funded programs to mitigate loss, redefine replacement level, pocket revenue sharing money and provoke drug abuse from the one remaining good player.

More than 30 Ideal Yards have risen across the planet in recent years including those that now grace the world cultural centers of Montreal, Houston, Denver, and Chicago.

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