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Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees

Team Canada will be without one previously committed established Major Leaguer as Russell Martin has chosen to withdraw from the tournament. Martin’s decision to remove himself from the World Baseball Classic is reportedly due to the Pittsburgh Pirates resistance to him playing shortstop. Martin, a catcher by trade, agreed to a two-year deal with the Pirates in November.

Martin, via Tom Singer of

“They both were uneasy about that,” Martin said, “and I simply didn’t want to catch. It’s just too much grind. The catcher’s out there the whole game, and it just takes your body so long to recover from catching 20 innings or so.”

“I feel sorry for (Team Canada), but sometimes you just have to look out for what’s best for you. You have to make a personal choice. But I’m really sorry for how all this went down.”

Tough break for Team Canada, but it’s not surprising to learn that the Pirates were not thrilled about their new catcher undertaking shortstop duties. Team Canada’s first World Baseball Classic game is March 5 versus Italia.

Just days after naming their 23-man provisional roster, Team Canada announced their roster for the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

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Oh Canada

Team Canada plays Great Britain today in qualifying for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Despite being based in Canada, Canadian baseball is something that we don’t normally spend a whole lot of time considering on the virtual pages of this blog.

That’s not by accident.

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I am Canadian, and I love living in this country. I love the ideals that Canada, if not actually stands for, at least believes itself to stand for. In some ways though, especially as the Olympic Games continue in London, being Canadian reminds me of really liking Radiohead in undergrad. They’re really great until you meet the super fan who sees a couple of Radiohead compact discs by your stereo, and takes that as an invitation to provide you with a spec script for an impromptu episode of Behind The Music on Pablo Honey.

For as much as I love Canada, I really hate the Canadian tendency to exhibit our insecurities and overcompensate for our culture being inundated by the United States by adopting an uncharacteristic jingoism or nationalistic ideology when it comes to athletics, arts and entertainment. I always believed the best part of being Canadian was that we don’t necessarily care all that much about being Canadian.

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