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Person A: It’s 5:30 PM anywhere in North America, and the caller on the sports talk radio station has an opinion: the front office of his favorite team is a collection of imbeciles. They’re idiots. The players they acquired are useless. The talent they let go is irreplaceable. Morons. Every single one of them.

Why? No reason is given. It’s sports talk radio, and there isn’t time for reasoning and analysis. It’s about sound bytes, and the most recent caller provided a nice little blue collar rant with which the rest of the commuters listening will identify and enjoy.

Person B: A couple hours later, an unappreciated underachiever gets home from his unchallenging office job. Within minutes of arriving at the house, the transaction tracker on a mobile sports app gets checked, a website is visited, players are compared and the exact same conclusion is had: the general manager is an idiot who has made a series of terrible mistakes with his roster construction.

Why? Well, it’s plain to see with a statistical breakdown and a cost/benefit comparison that accounts for a declining skill set based on the history of similar players and current projections.

Who is the bigger idiot: Person A or Person B?

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers wasted no time in extending pitcher Martin Perez yesterday, signing a four-year deal with three contract options on the tail end, possibly keeping the 22-year old lefty with Texas through 2020 for a total value near $32 million.

Great news for the team and great news for the player, as Perez was able to translate less than one full season of solid results at the big league level into financial security for a lifetime. Those looking to assess winners and losers to every deal before the ink dries love this contract for the Rangers, as it gives them incredible cost certainty on a player with a high ceiling and low floor.

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On Monday night, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers will compete against each other in the 163rd game of their respective seasons. The winner of this match will progress to another single elimination game (against the Cleveland Indians), while the loser will be done for the season. This is the case because after 162 games, the Rays and Rangers both have 91 wins, 71 losses and a .562 winning percentage.

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Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox

The August waiver wire is a tricky time of year. The ins and outs of the revocable waiver wire and its Byzantine structure is enough to send even the most astute fan for a loop. No matter how often those with boots on the ground insist it, most fans howl at the thought of their favorite player dangling where any scrub team can claim him.

Alex Rios is no stranger to the waiver wire, as his passing from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Chicago White Sox in 2009 represented one of the rare times where the August wire behaved like a “true” waiver wire – the Jays let Rios and his contract go to Chicago for nothing.

While the move freed up a spot for the Jays to play Jose Bautista full time, one can’t help but think the Jays could have gotten something more than nothing for a player who posted nearly league-average offense and 99 steals for the ChiSox in 600 career games. But we digress…

Alex Rios was back on the waiver wire this August and was again claimed, this time by the Texas Rangers. Just when it looked like the 47 hour window for the two teams to make a deal would close and Rios would stay in Chicago comes news that he has, in fact, been traded to the Rangers for a players to be named later and cash considerations.

Leury Garcia is expected to be the player Texas will send to complete the deal. Whichever player they send must also pass through waivers, so Houston (the only team with a worse record than the White Sox) could potentially throw a monkey wrench in this part of the deal.

In the meantime, Texas has a new right fielder and the White Sox tanking continues unabated. Everybody wins!

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Yes. One thousand times yes.

(Elvis Andrus still sucks.)

Hat tip to @ApplesElmi for enriching my life in a profound way.

Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals

Yesterday, Matt Garza became a member of the Texas Rangers, traded from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for third base prospect Mike Olt, pitchers Justin Grimm and C.J. Edwards and as many as two players to be named later – likely players selected in this past June’s draft.

MLB Trade Rumors reports one of the players the Cubs wanted in the deal, Neil Ramirez, can be the PTBNL. Should the Cubs select Ramirez, they will not receive a second player.

At first blush, the deal seems like a good one for the Cubs and a necessary one for the Rangers. But that’s the thing about evaluating a trade hours after it becomes official: there is that which we know and much more we simply do not.

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You’re probably familiar with the idea of a TOOTBLAN – when a player is “thrown out on the bases like a nincompoop.” It is a handy acronym busted out when a player, well, is thrown out on the bases like a nincompoop. It is usually reserved for egregious acts of baseball running negligance, ignoring good sense and smart baseball in pursuit of personal glory.

This very unusual play involving David Murphy of the Texas Rangers is not a TOOTBLAN so much as it’s a WOTBLAN – Murphy “Wandered Off the Base Like A Nincompoop.”

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