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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Houston Astros

If you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Angels, or Los Angeles Dodgers, holding onto belief that your team still has time to make an impact in the playoff races, you don’t care much for projection systems and playoff odds. Cold arithmetic isn’t going to heal your wounded heart, nor will it temper your excitement should your chosen franchise string together a few wins, infusing said heart with valuable hope.

If you aren’t a fan of one of those teams, you can look at Fangraphs new projected standings/depth charts feature and laugh until your sides hurt. Because, according to “the numbers”, it’s all over but the crying.

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Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

It was always going to be a dicey proposition for the Toronto Blue Jays. Taking on salary and players previously slowed by injury as they attempted to bolster their lineup as part of a big playoff push. There are no certainties in this world but the Blue Jays definitely seemed to add a lot of talent in exchange for many promising young players.

The Marlins would rebuild around some of their new toys from the Blue Jays vaunted farm system and the Blue Jays would make their charge towards the pennant.

One month into the first season after a deal is too early to officially judge a trade and decide winners or losers. Especially for this deal, which looks like it might end up with both sides taking the L.

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The Blue Jays and their waiver wire proclivities are making more headlines than an waiver wire action deserves. The constant tinkering with the bottom end of the 25-man and 40-man rosters is seen as a weakness by some. Others see the Jays doing their best to game the system and, according the Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos, field a competitive team at the triple-A level.

When the Blue Jays claimed left-handed starter Aaron Laffey of waivers from the New York Mets earlier this week, most figured it was another example of distant pitching depth and a move to bolster the Buffalo Bisons’ roster. Until, of course, it turned out that Jays starter Josh Johnson is experiencing tightness in his right (throwing arm) triceps and needs to skip his next start, scheduled for tonight in New York against the Yankees.

Lo and behold, there is Aaron Laffey to jump in and make the start. Hooray?

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OBVIOUSLY the second half of that headline is completely untrue and sensationalized and ridiculous. I mean, nobody would actually believe a single win in April somehow means more than a single win in a 162 game season.

But Rajai Davis gunning Manny Machado down at the plate is nothing if not awesome, as Machado represented the game-winning run in the bottom of the ninthtenth inning. Davis isn’t exactly known for his cannon but he certainly throws a strike here, getting the Orioles third baseman by a significant margin, prolonging a game the Jays would go on to win in the 11th inning.

Tabler Buck

As much fun as it is to laugh at the expense of those who call baseball games for television and radio broadcasts, most of us likely would agree that filling up air, even to a minimal extent, is difficult. I have no experience in any form of “real” journalism*, so it may be in bad taste for me to go after people whose nominal job, for better or worse, is to keep the viewer engaged in a sport that is not exactly fast-paced. Anecdotes and bits of data are needed (?) to fill up the airwaves.

* – my rare appearances on podcasts and whatnot, while somewhat fulfilling for my ego, are, well, probably pretty horrible for listeners. Not that I ever turn down an opportunity to enter the charmed circle of internet media mavens!

The Blue Jays’ usual broadcast team of Buck Martinez and Company probably aren’t any worse than most broadcast booths around the league. But who am I kidding? I am still a pretty big jerk. Even if Fire Joe Morgan is so 2005, several comments during last Friday’s game with the Blue Jays in Kansas City to face the Royals really stood out to me.

The game itself was “I watched this on purpose“-tastic (and my fantasy season awkwardly slid down the tubes with Jose Reyes‘ injury), and as I let the frustration of that combine with my incredulity of some of the comments made by the announce team, it crept into the absurd. Here are some of my favorites, with commentary.

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Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers

UPDATE: General manager Alex Anthopoulos addressed the media and revelaed Reyes will likely be out until the All-Star Break.


*** The slide that may cost Jose Reyes a good portion of the season officially landed him on the 15-day disabled list today, as the team recalled infielder Munenori Kawasaki from Triple-A Buffalo. Kawasaki appeared in 61 games for the Mariners last season, recording a .192/.257/.202 line with two stolen bases. Maicer Izturis will also see time at short, although Anthopoulos has already started making calls to other GM’s, according to MLBTR.

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Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays thrust themselves to the front of the larger baseball conversation this winter, overhauling their roster and becoming a World Series contender almost overnight. As with any sweeping change, there is bound to be some growing pains.

We here at Getting Blanked turned to local PR pro and woman about town Meredith Rogers to help bring new Jays fans into the fold (not to mention helping entrenched fans come to grips with the flood or newbies on their turf.) Enjoy!

A Twisted Guide to Blue Jays Opening Day: new fans at the ballpark

Allow me to be among the first to congratulate you on emerging from a long, harsh winter to baseball. Sure, we do the winter thing every year, but I’m always surprised and delighted to thaw out in the spring.

The Blue Jays 2013 season has finally arrived. Here we stand on the precipice of a thousand Colby Rasmus thought pieces. On the cusp of a hundred Jose Bautista call outs that are unfathomable to no one but Jose Bautista. On the edge of a thousand Jose Reyes GIFs.

I mean, this is happening to Toronto. It’s okay to get excited.

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