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Ed. Note: The Rule 4 amateur draft is one of the most important days of the baseball year. Making the right selection on draft day reverberates throughout an organization, just as whiffing on a pick keeps general managers and scouting directors up at night.

Drafting is important but isn’t the be all, end all. The Toronto Blue Jays have a decent draft record over the past two decades. The team has, at times, been decent. That’s it. How did it happen? Craig Robinson dig into the Blue Jays drafting with the latest Flip Flop Fly Ball infographic.

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After much speculation and negotiation, the Toronto Blue Jays have acquired R.A. Dickey from the New York Mets as part of a seven-player trade that sends the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner to Toronto along with catcher Josh Thole and Minor League catcher Mike Nickeas in exchange for highly touted catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud, the system’s top pitching prospect in Noah Syndergaard, veteran catcher John Buck and outfield prospect Wilmer Becerra.

Only in a world where fantasy baseball trades, video game franchise modes and prospect rankings are given more credence than they’re due could this trade be viewed in a negative light. It’s a good deal for both teams.┬áThe swap shores up a New York Mets organization that hopes to build around a young pitching rotation with the proven talent of the recently locked up David Wright. Meanwhile the Toronto Blue Jays further establish their newly found status as the best team in the American League East – at a time when the rest of the division appears wobbled by age and inconsistency – by acquiring a pitcher whose $5 million salary in 2013 likely makes him the greatest value-add possible for a rotation.

Dickey’s contributions go beyond the benefits of exceptional talent at a below-market price. He’s a unique player, a unique person, who offers a multitude of qualities underneath his jersey. He isn’t easily encompassed or grasped. However, here for your enjoyment and edification is an attempt to do just that: The Getting Blanked A-Z Guide To R.A. Dickey.

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Get your Dickey fix! After Richard Griffin cryptically reported that negotiations between R.A. Dickey’s representation and the Toronto Blue Jays “ended successfully at an affordable rate” comes a Ken Rosenthal report that there is indeed a deal in place.

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The rumors swirled all night and day (as lovingly curated by your heroes Andrew Stoeten and Archi Zuber) but now, at 10:00 PM on Saturday, comes the first example of a national writer/trade hound naming names. After Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports was among the first to include Travis d’Arnaud’s name among those leaving Toronto in exchange for National League Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey.

What I can only assume was grueling 24 hours passes and Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweets the structure of a trade between the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets. Nothing official but one source did confirm that flags do indeed fly forever. The deal looks like this:

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Jon Heyman of CBS Sports was among the chorus of baseball insiders today who took hold of a flaccid news cycle and vigorously agitated the R.A. Dickey talks. Seems the Mets front office is wary of getting shafted by the defending Cy Young award winner’s contract demands and, rather than suffering the indignity of a free agent year walk of shame, will explore their trade options with multiple partners.

The back and forth between club and pitcher took an unexpected public turn over the last few weeks, pitting a ownership group of white collar criminals against a populist hero in a battle of words and squabble over what seems like the matter of a few million dollars.

Any trade talk is likely premature but it is important fans of the rumored teams don’t blow their oops I’ve gone too far.

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Thanks to the tireless efforts of Blue Jays fans and reporters alike, original Blue Jays radio broadcaster Tom Cheek will finally be honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Hall named Cheek their 2013 Ford C. Frick award winner, seven years after Cheek died from complications due to cancer.

Cheek is famous for calling 4306 consecutive Blue Jays games and his signature “Touch’em all Joe!” call after Joe Carter’s walkoff home run to secure the Jays second consecutive World Series title in 1993. Cheek is the voice of baseball to a generation of Blue Jays fans, weaned on the sturdy radio calls and rapport between Cheek and his long-time broadcast partner Jerry Howarth.

The Frick award comes after the Blue Jays raised Cheek’s name to their Ring of Honor in 2004, after Cheek ended his incredible streak to mourn the passing of his father. Congratulations to Cheek’s family who will celebrate as part of the Hall of Fame weekend in late July.

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Former Toronto Blue Jays coach, Brian Butterfield, stated in an interview with WEEI in Boston that he was in talks with his former team for their vacant managerial position until the very end. The Blue Jays, of course, dipped into their past and hired John Gibbons to manage the club on Monday. Butterfield followed former Blue Jays manager John Farrell to Boston in October, but remained a candidate for the manager’s job in Toronto.

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