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Early Monday afternoon, the Arizona Diamondbacks acquired reliever Addison Reed from the White Sox for prospect third baseman Matt Davidson in what I think qualifies as our first major post-Winter Meetings move of the offseason. For the White Sox, the move is simple — Davidson is not Jeff Keppinger and can play third base.

But for Arizona, this trade goes down as yet another odd move in Kevin Towers’s quest for not just winning, but winning the Right Way. As such, I can do little but wonder what infractions against the Kevin Towers-Ken Kendrick-Krik Gibson Arizona Way the 22-year-old corner man committed in his time with the organization.

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MLB: ALCS-Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees

That Boone Logan just signed a three-year, $16.5 million contract with the Colorado Rockies is proof of two things. Number one: we continually need to adjust our expectations for what makes a bad contract. Number two: this is a bad contract.

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Well wasn’t that an enormous waste of time? The worst Winter Meetings on record, notable only for the Battle of the Oily-Skinned Sycophants and a three-team trade in which the best player posted a .294 OBP last year.

Today is the Rule 5 draft, a baseball event of such importance that its greatest contribution to the world is people on the internet fighting over the use of roman numerals.

Which isn’t to say no deals were done yesterday and there wasn’t a whole bunch of groundwork laid down. Because there was, as you can see below!

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins

When the Seattle Mariners signed free agent Robinson Cano, it was a sign of much more to come. After talk of impact players like David Price and Matt Kemp, Seattle’s next salvo was on high value role players, as the M’s signed free agent Corey Hart and traded for Marlins first baseman/outfielder Logan Morrison.

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MLB: Oakland Athletics at Boston Red Sox

Day Two of the Winter Meetings is in the books and there is…slightly more to talk about? Still a lot of smoke but not too much in the way of fire. The slow-developing trades like the Trumbo Extravaganza and the long-rumored Brett Anderson swap finally came to fruition.

What about today? Who knows. Hit the jump for a rundown/recap/rethinking of some of yesterday’s highlights.

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MLB: Cleveland Indians at Los Angeles Angels

A rather dramatic three-team deal just threw the Winter Meetings into gear, with the Angels shipping out slugger Mark Trumbo to the Arizona Diamondbacks along with two players to be named later, Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago of the White Sox headed to Anaheim and Adam Eaton on his way to Chicago.

It’s a big deal, as the Angels had so little room to maneuver they needed to make any deal involving Mark Trumbo. The Orange County native, an useful power hitter about to get more expensive as he hits arbitration for the first time, represents tantalizing power from the right side of the plate. It was too much for Arizona to resist, as they give up a stalled pitching prospect and their exciting center fielder to get the ever elusive right-handed power bat.

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MLB: Winter Meetings

It was a tough act to follow, really. The insanity of the last few weeks couldn’t possibly carry over to the Winter Meetings, could it? As it turns out: no. There just weren’t enough players out there to sustain such levels of activity and movement. The assembled writers devolved into a writhing mass of karaoke-singing grabass, thanks to twitter the world was a worse place for it.

The moves will come but day one of the Winter Meetings resulted in a whole lot of smoke but very little fire.

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