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Travis Snider has not contributed much to the Pittsburgh Pirates since they acquired him on July 31st. Today, he made what might end up as the best catch of the season.

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Travis blames Cito, Heath blames Ozzie, nobody blames Cutch and the Tigers blame Dunn. Another uplifting episode of the Getting Blanked show, kicking ugly flavours in your ear four times a week.

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This week’s Roto-Relevant Research is not actually about research. It’s about the new custom filters at FanGraphs which should allow fantasy players to find good comparisons for the most interesting players on their waiver wires.

Take Travis Snider. The Pirates did.

He’s a 24-year old with more than 500 plate appearances, an ISO under .200 (.181 for Snider), a walk rate under 8% (7.6% for Snider), and a 25+% (27.2% for Snider) strikeout rate so far — just to describe him in a way that will make for easy filtering. That search gives you 16 players since 1974. Once you take out the center fielders (Cameron Maybin, Austin Jackson and the like), the middle infielders (Benji Gil and Danny Espinosa for example), and the catchers (John Buck and Jarrod Saltalamacchia) and try to focus on outfielders that won’t add much defensive value, the list of comparative players whittles all the way down to …

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