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God bless Trevor Bauer and the abundant time on his hands. The newest member of Cleveland’s rotation took to his @BauerOutage youtube account this week to answer some fan questions: specially the grips he uses for his various pitches.

Which, personally, I cannot get enough of. I would watch these videos all damn day, were I able. What I wouldn’t give to sit down every pitcher in the game and make them do the same thing. The most interesting part for me (other than the reverse slider trickery) is the slight difference between his two change ups.

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Trevor Bauer is here to help. Well, he was here to help like two months ago, when he posted this video. Skate shoes and board shorts, the stuff pitching mechanics pr0ns are made of.

When the details of last night’s three team swap surfaced, it was assumed the “young pitcher” Arizona offered was Pat Corbin. After coming to Arizona in the Dan Haren trade, Corbin posted strong minor league numbers and provided league-average innings in his first go-round as a big league starter. Corbin is a better-than-serviceable arm with loads of control, limited as his ceiling might be. A suitable piece for what the Snakes looked to receive in their part of the deal.

But then Trevor Bauer became the trade chip. It was Trevor Bauer that Cleveland wanted to part with Didi Gregorius and it was Trevor Bauer they received. Trevor Bauer is younger than Corbin — younger than all but seven players to pitch in the Majors in 2012 — and a former first round draft pick. A first round draft pick in 2011, third overall. After gifting Bauer a $4.45M bonus and rushing him to the big leagues in less than a year, the Diamondbacks are now out of the Trevor Bauer business. After minimal exposure, they decided the realities of Trevor Bauer outweighed the idea of Trevor Bauer and shipped him out.

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We all know better. All the armchair prospect enthusiasts have more insight into the viability of a given prospects ability to produce at the big league level. When guys like Joe Saunders and Josh Collmenter fill your rotaion, how can you not bring up stud prospects like Trevor Bauer or Tyler Skaggs?

Well, the trouble is, pitching is hard. Very, very hard.

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Trevor Bauer, you are disgusting. From your exhibitionist “foul pole to foul pole” displays of obscene flexibility to starting your own Youtube channel full of NSFW slo-mo pitching pr0n, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Peddling your tawdry wares, rendering grown men incapable of turning away from the 480 frame per second poetry you slather across the internets.

Grainy footage of a 19 year-old capable of putting six feet of distance between your knees – SHOW SOME COUTH, MAN. Bauer Outage, indeed.

Next thing you are going to tell me is your use your twitter to engage in the most repugnant among us, the pitch f/x gurus, with exacting detail of the pitches you throw and your specific names for them. Disgusting. I know it when I see it, young man. Debasing yourself in a way not fit for man or beast.

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Long tossing is something of a hot-button issue in Major League Baseball. Some teams and players swear by it, others eschew it. So contentious is the long toss issue that it became a significant sticking point during the most recent amateur draft, as eventual high picks Trevor Bauer and Dylan Bundy told teams that forbid long toss not to bother drafting them. They’re not changing for nobody, man.

Bauer eventually went as the third overall pick to the Arizona Diamondbacks, who happily let the young righty continue tossing from in upwards of 300 feet. Ahead of his first Spring Training start yesterday, Bauer went into his long toss routine as per usual. Turns out watching a guy throw a baseball 350 feet tends to draw a crowd.

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